Lightweight CalDAV+CardDAV server

  1. Silas Mariusz

    Your Calendars and Contacts
    Baïkal offers ubiquitous and synchronized access to your calendarsand address books over CalDAV and CardDAV. Baïkal implements the current IETF recommendation drafts of these industry standards for centralized calendar and address book collections.

    abaikal_server.com_res_img_calendar_emboss. abaikal_server.com_res_img_vcard_emboss.

    abaikal_server.com_res_img_apple. abaikal_server.com_res_img_thunderbird. abaikal_server.com_res_img_android.

    Compatible with your existing applications
    Baïkal is compatible with iOS’ (iPad, iPhone, and iPod) andMac OS X’s Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders apps;Android’s calendars and contacts apps like DAVdroid; Evolution for Linux; Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning; Atmail; eM Client for Windows; and every other CalDAV and CardDAV capable application.

    Effortless administration
    Baïkal include a sleek and extensive graphical web administration interface to simplify administrative tasks such as user, calendar and address book collection management, and system settings. The dashboard provides a neat overview over the running system and key data.



    2-clicks installation
    Baïkal provides a flat package with an automatic installation tool. Extract the downloaded archive, deploy it over FTP to the server, and it is ready to go. No cumbersome tweaking of configuration files required.

    Baïkal’s less than 2MB codebase runs on PHP 5.3 and newer. User data is stored in an SQLite database. MySQL is also fully supported. No matter how modest your hosting and resources might be, Baïkal will get the job done.

    Have a look at the running demo here : http://baikal2.scalingo.io (Hosting graciously provided byScalingo).

    Admin Dashboard
    [Nieprawidłowy link obrazu]:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/...f696d672f6769746875622f30312d646173682e706e67

    User management
    [Nieprawidłowy link obrazu]:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/...96d672f6769746875622f30322d75736572732e706e67

    Calendar web client, week view (full-featured)
    [Nieprawidłowy link obrazu]:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/...875622f30352d63616c766965772d7765656b2e706e67

    Calendar web client, month view (read-only for now)
    [Nieprawidłowy link obrazu]:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/...72f6769746875622f30332d63616c766965772e706e67

    Contact web client (read-only for now)
    [Nieprawidłowy link obrazu]:https://camo.githubusercontent.com/...f6769746875622f30342d63617264766965772e706e67
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