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Surveillance Station allows you to manage IP cameras remotely and set up a video surveillance ...

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    With large capacity and ease of setup, QNAP Turbo NAS offers an easy way to establish a surveillance solution to protect your home environment. The Surveillance Station allows you to manage IP cameras remotely and set up a video surveillance system with comprehensive monitoring, recording, and playback features, safeguarding your home and family without the need of buying professional surveillance devices additionally.

    Real-time remote monitoring
    • Various remote monitoring modes
    • Monitors up to 4 camera channels on single screen
    • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) control
    Flexible live-view
    The Surveillance Station enables you to manage multiple IP cameras for real-time monitoring in web browsers. You can monitor up to 4 camera channels simultaneously in a single web browser on real-time basis and grasp the first-hand status of monitored corners of your home to safeguard family members and assets.

    PTZ control
    By controlling PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom), you are able to capture a clearer view at the desired corner and make sure every suspicious detail is within control.


    Surveillance Station Pro
    • Supports over 1,000 IP camera models
    • Expandable license management
    • Flexible camera access control
    • Monitors up to 42 camera channels on single screen and up to 128 camera channels by sequence
    • 15 schedule lists for schedule recording
    • Alarm recording for 5 alarm events and 7 event actions
    • 16 multi-view playback
    • Intelligent video analytics (IVA)
    • E-map
    • VMobile app
    Surveillance Station Pro is an upgraded version of Turbo NAS surveillance solution It provides enhanced and additional features than Surveillance Station as listed below.

    Supports over 1,000 IP camera models
    The Surveillance Station Pro, compatible with ONVIF specifications, extends its number of supportive IP cameras to over 1,000. The wide scale of supported IP cameras presents the Surveillance Station Pro as a well-rounded surveillance solution for professional businesses environments.

    Expandable license management
    The Surveillance Station Pro has one free IP camera license installed by default. Administrators can purchase additional licenses to expand channels for IP cameras based on demand. The flexible and convenient process for license purchasing and installation fulfills different surveillance needs of scalability in a cost-efficient way.

    Flexible camera access control
    Administrators can create 32 user accounts on the Surveillance Station Pro and flexibly assign them to different user groupswith different rights of monitoring, playback, PTZ control, and audio monitoring. For instance, the user account for the security guards of office building can be granted with the rights of monitoring, and the user account for the monitoring center can be added to administrator group with the complete rights of monitoring, playback, PTZ control, and audio monitoring.

    42 channels live-view on single display
    The Surveillance Station Pro allows up to 42 camera channels to be monitored simultaneously on a single display, enhancing multiple live-view for administrators to monitor multiple critical areas simultaneously and minimize the times of switching the screen.

    128 channels with multi-server monitoring
    The scope of the surveillance system can be expanded easily for the needs of wider arrangement. By connecting multiple Turbo NAS units, administrators can monitor all the IP cameras managed by the Turbo NAS at the same time from a single unit utilizing multi-server hosting, up to 128 channels on a PC over LAN or WAN. The scalability provides greater flexibility for companies that may deploy a smaller surveillance system in the beginning due to the budget allowance but still have an inexpensive expansion solution in the long-term when wider deployment is needed.

    15 schedule lists for schedule recording
    Administrators can create up to 15 recording schedules for each IP camera to comprehensively safeguard the monitored areas.

    5 alarm events and 7 event actions
    The Surveillance Station Pro offers richer functions for alarm recording. The system starts alarm recording when any of the events happens. Administrators can configure 5 types of events, including motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, recording failure and user defined event. Every event could be assigned with 7 types of event action, including recording, PTZ Control, alarm output, email notification, SMS notification, buzzer notification, and user-defined action, helping administrators stay alerted immediately.

    16 multi-view playback
    The Surveillance Station Pro enables administrators to divide a video equally into 16 time-frame sessions for playback in a multi-view window, or play the videos of 16 IP cameras in the multi-view window simultaneously. It improves the efficiency of video search, and reduces the time of video playback at the same time.

    Intelligent video analytics (IVA)
    IVA is an advanced way to help quickly search videos corresponding to the particular modes, greatly saving the time and effort of manually screening out matching videos. The analyzed modes include motion detection, foreign object, missing object, out of focus, camera occlusion, and object size. For example, in search of the missing car in the parking lot, analyzed mode “missing object”can be used to quickly locate the section in which the car disappears in the video. Or, analyzed mode “motion detection” can be used to quickly lead to the sections in which people in and out the important warehouse or data center.

    Visual aid by E-map
    The E-map function helps visualize the layout of the deployment of IP cameras, and enables administrators to quickly identify the location of each IP camera, especially when the alarm occurs. Just upload the pictures of the monitoring locations, and drag and drop the IP camera icons to the right place on the E-map. Once the alarm events happen, the camera iconswill flash to indicate the event type, and thus administrators can be alerted immediately and take necessary actions. They can double click on the alert icon to display the camera live view.

    VMobile for monitoring on the go
    VMobile app supports iOS® and Android™ systems and enables users to monitor the surveillance channels anytime and anywhere with mobile devices. It allows camera live-view, PTZ control, instant event notifications, video snapshot, video playback, and video search by date and time, bringing forth comprehensive mobile surveillance solutions to satisfy the keen needs for security.

    Scheduled recording
    Recording schedule can be set to each IP camera with two options “continuous recording” and “motion detection recording” available. You can create a 24-hour day round recording, or schedule the recording for different time periods. For example, the scheduled recording can be set up for a specific time frame when your whole family goes out for a long vacation and nobody stays at home.

    With the setting of continuous recording, the video recording continues nonstop until it meets the end of its scheduled session. On mission-critical occasions, continuous recording is a great way to make sure that nothing will be missed. On the other hand, motion detection recording switches on when any movement is detected in the scheduled period. The recording will stop when events of motion cease.

    • Multiple playback search modes
    • Digital watermarking
    Convenient playback search modes
    Various playback search modes are supported. You can easily choose videos to play back by date and time, timeline and alarm events.

    Digital watermarking
    In need of exporting videos or snapshots, the concern of authenticity might occur. The support of digital watermarking helps prove that the exported videos and snapshots are genuine without any falsification. The Watermark Proof utility developed by QNAP can verify the credibility of the exported videos and snapshots by showing the exact recording date and time, camera name and the Turbo NAS name. This is rather useful when the videos could be raised as evidence in relative investigation or in court.

    • Web-based user interface
    • Numerous major IP camera brands are supported
    Supports major IP camera brands
    Through the web-based user interface, you can easily configure and monitor IP cameras remotely by IE browser. The Surveillance Station supports numerous renowned, ONVIF specification compatible IP camera brands. The wide scale of supported IP cameras presents the Surveillance Station as an effective surveillance solution for your home environments.

    PL: Wymagane oprogramowanie QTS 4.1
    EN: Required QTS 4.1 firmware
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