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WebTools 2.0 is a collection of utilities to help with the management of your Plex Server. This plugin is not limited to the usual channel interface, instead it utilizes a built in webserver to display a responsive web interface that also works from mobile devices allowing you to manage your Plex Server from any device.

Currently the tools available are:
  • Logviewer
  • Subtitle Management
  • Unsupported AppStore (working with GitHub directly)

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This tool allows for easy viewing of logs related to Plex and it's plugins via an easy to use web interface. The tool also gives you the ability to download them in a .zip file to easily send to a developer of a specific plugin.

Subtitle Management
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The purpose of this tool is to give the user a way to manage subtitles that are not downloaded by an agent.

Current features:
  • View subtitle file to make it easy to see witch file it really is.
  • Highlighting the subtitle that is selected as active in Plex for specific Movie or Episode
  • Removal of one or more subtitles. Usage is on your own risk as this will delete files on your hard drive.

Unsupported AppStore (UAS)
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This tool was one of the most popular plugins in the Plex universe. Now, this is included in WebTools 2.0, giving it an easy to use web interface that allows for quick installation/removal/update of plugins.

To use this plugin, just type http://<Your-PMS-IP>:33400 into your browsers address bar. It's a good idea to bookmark it.

The initial screen will be different depending on your PMS setup:
  • If you are signed in to on your PMS, you use the same credentials here as it authenticates towards
  • If you are not signed in to, and it’s your first launch, you are required to set a password to use when accessing WebTools. This can later be changed from within the tool if you need to. On all the consecutive visits to WebTools you will use that password.
After login you are presented with a list of available tools.

Unsupported AppStore
(Applications repos list) | Go to Github |This agent adds trailers, behind the scenes, interviews and other extras to your movie library in Plex.
\ | Go to GitHub |This plugin will allow you to scan your medias, and report medias missing from the database...
\ | Go to GitHub |Sub-Zero is a Metadata agent, that will download subtitles automatically from OpenSubtitles, Podnapisi.NET, Addic7ed,
\ | Go to GitHub |UASViewer is a Plex Channel that gives you a user interface inside Plex for the Unsupported App Store V2.
\ | Go to GitHub |Plex Agent, that'll convert sidecar subtitle files into UTF-8, if not (read note ).
\ | Go to GitHub |Export your Plex Library as an interactive HTML page for others to browse.
\ | Go to GitHub |Let Me Watch This
\ | Go to GitHub |Imagine if all the media scattered around the internet could be found in one collection.
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How to install repos from GitHub?
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Built-in repos browser
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When accessing this tool it loads up the Plex Media Server log. You can then via the drop-down select the log you wish to see.

There are no extra preferences available for this tool.

Subtitle Management
When accessing this tool it fetches a list of available libraries and populates a menu at the top.

By selecting one of the libraries, the tool starts to fetch a set amount of data and present it to you.

If it’s a TV library, you can continue moving down the tree until you hit an episode.

You can then select one or more subtitles for removal.

This tool offers some extra preferences other than the default for WebTools:
  • Number of items per page (TV Shows, Seasons, Episodes, Movies)
  • Hide local subtitles
  • Hide integrated subtitles
  • Show only multiple subtitles/language
  • Show debug in logs
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