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The open-source Linux kernel of a QNAP Turbo NAS makes it a friendly development platform and when coupled with the built-in, rich functionality and robust hardware designs, this platform can dramatically reduce the time and effort required for your application development. With an installed base of over three million NAS units, QNAP Systems can ensure a well-rounded system platform for application developers to integrate their apps with the Turbo NAS. Based on your development approaches, a number of development toolkits are provided to facilitate your development processes and system designs.

QDK is used to build QPKG files/applications for QNAP Turbo NAS. A QPKG file makes it easy for anyone to install and remove packages. It also gives a package maintainer almost total control on how the package is installed on the NAS.

The major design goal of QDK is to make it easy for the package maintainer to create simple QPKG files and at the same time also support more advanced packages. QDK started out as a simple modification of the first official release of the QPKG SDK, but now supersedes it. It includes many new features like architecture check at installation, support for digital signatures, different compression algorithms, a comprehensive option to check that other required QPKG packages or Optware packages are installed (or that conflicting packages are not installed), automatic installation of required Optware packages, and a powerful build script.

To learn more, visit:
» QNAP Developer Center
» QPKG Development Guidelines
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