rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.8-B800

High performance, massive, secure and extra featured with powerful remote managment torrent client.

  1. Fixed and improved compatibility issues (v0.9.2)

    Silas Mariusz
    Rtorrent for QNAP TurboNAS is compiled on custom linux environment, QPKG is build using origin QNAP's developers tools from 2008 and QPX Framework.
    • Updated QPX Framework to 0.1.7
    • Redesigned welcome page
    • Added Avalanche UI
    • rtorrent UI updated to 3.5
    • 0.9.2 fully recompiled (reason why package size is bigger than 0.9.3)

    This product includes whole or part(s) of the QPX Framework software designed for QNAP Systems, Inc., QTS4 QPKG platform and ownership of copyright remains with the author Silas Mariusz Grzybacz.

    This software consists of voluntary contributions made by many individuals on behalf of the community QTS4/QPKG Developers and was originally based on software copyright © 2008/2009, QNAP Systems, Inc., with Headquartered in Taipei information on the QTS4 QPKG and product, please see www.qnap.com

    QPX Framework © 2011-2013, Rtorrent QPKG © 2008-2013 Silas Mariusz Grzybacz. All rights reserved.

    Following packages are included in: bash, bison, bzip2, chpwdfile, coreutils, curl, dtach, ffmpeg, file, findutils, fish-wtf, freetype, gawk, gdbm, gettext, geoip, glib, gmp, grep, gzip, hello, httpd, inetutils, irssi, libX11, libXpm, libffi, libiconv, libidn, libjpeg-turbo, libpng, libsigc++, libtool, libtorrent, libxml2, libxslt, lighttpd, m4, mktorrent, nasm, ncurses, openssl, pcre, perl, php, plowshare, python, procps, re2c, readline, rtorrent, screen, sed, sox, spawn-fcgi, sudo, t1lib, tar, termcap, termcap, unzip, util-linux, wget, x264, xmlrpc-c, xz, yasm, zip, zlib

    Silas Mariusz Grzybacz, silas[-_-]qnapclub.pl
    Nowy Sacz, Poland
    http://www.qnapclub.pl | http://pool.qnapclub.pl | http://rootmag.pl
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