rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.8-B7000

High performance, massive, secure and extra featured with powerful remote managment torrent client.

  1. Minor update

    Silas Mariusz
    - Installer supports FW 4.3.0
  2. Major

    Silas Mariusz
    • Support for new SSL protocols
    • Web server PHP engine upgraded
    • Flood UI upgraded
    • Avalanche UI removed
    • QTS 5.0 Early Beta compatible
    • Fixed installation from App Center
    • Reenabled weak SSL ciphers for legacy sites
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  3. Major update

    Silas Mariusz
    • Fixed IPv6 support
    • HTTP2 tracker connections support
  4. Major update

    Silas Mariusz
    • Happy New Year 2021!
    • Static Executable
    • Improved performance
    • Increased max timeout for tracker requests.
    • Set max piece size 512mb.
    • Switch to C++11 MRT RNG for random bytes.
    • Added support for openssl 1.1.
    • Improved failed tracker bencode parsing.
  5. Major update

    Silas Mariusz
    - Improved Rtorrent-Pro start speed for large number of torrents
    - External scripts event triggering is optional (disabled: on default)

    To apply new settings, please go to the SETTINGS and hit SAVE CHANGES button.
  6. Minor fix

    Silas Mariusz
    This update is recommended for users using login name that contains upper case characters.
  7. Minor update

    Silas Mariusz
    - Fixed external script execution: /share/Rdownload/scripts/event.download.<event_type>/*.sh
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  8. Minor update

    Silas Mariusz
    - Fixed instantsearch
    - Re-enabled plimits plugin - plimits monitors torrent trackers and limits public trackers torrents to 1kb/s upload
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  9. Major update

    Silas Mariusz
    Please NOTE: Upgrading from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7 is not allowed. Please remove 0.9.6 and then clean install 0.9.7.

    - Added ability to exclude processing music files by media library

    - From now when the app is upgraded, there is no need to reconfigure user credentials and app settings

    - Implemented altaroinj suggestions:...
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  10. Major update

    Silas Mariusz
    - Advanced UI fixes and improvements (check port issue and many more)