Rtorrent-Pro [x86_64]

Rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.8-BB02

  • Changed minimum required QTS firmware version to 4.3.6
    (In summary: Can be installed on x64 NAS with firmware 4.3.6 and higher)
This is pre release! Digital Signature might not working correctly on current QTS firmware. This QPKG requires unreleased yet firmware.
- Updated Media Library engine
- Fixed max uploaded torrent size
- Fixed lazy code corrupting hardlinks working properly for media library
- App signed with commercial OV Comodo Signing Certificate (requires unreleased yet QTS firmware; build 0401 and newer)
- Recommended to install Filebot and Java
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- Scheduler might not work correctly in time due to incorrect timezone between NAS settings and Rtorrent-Pro
- Dark mode UI
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[Major update]
- Media Library engine upgraded
- Java updated
- Added example: Podpowiedź - Events Notifications: Discord Webhooks - Very Easy Guide integration

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- Firefox themes compatibility
- Fixed MacOS Touchbar favicon
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Changed only status to STABLE release.