rtorrent [x86_64] 0.9.6-b0303

High performance, massive, secure and extra featured with powerful remote managment torrent client.

  1. Silas Mariusz
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    Link: https://www.facebook.com/qnappoland/posts/1174471499238582

    ENG: rtorrent-QNAP is an high performance and extra featured bittorrent client combined with simple and elegant user interface. rtorrent differentiates itself from other implementations by transferring data directly between file pages mapped to memory by the mmap() function and the network stack. On high-bandwidth connections, it claims to be able to seed at 3 times the speed of the official client.

    POL: rtorrent-QNAP to rozbudowany oraz wysoce wydajny klient sieci BitTorrent. Jego mechanizm działania różni się znacząco od standardowych implementacji. Rtorrent do zapisu i odczytu wykorzystuje stos sieciowy i funkcje mmap(), dzięki której program posiada bezpośredni dostęp do plików tak jakby były one mapą pamięci. Na szybkich łączach internetowych, rtorrent osiąga 3-krotnie większe prędkości niż oficjalny klient.


    [Installation instructions]
    1. Install the QPKG in App Center
    2. Run rtorrent
    3. Done!

    [Installation notes]
    (Default login credentials)
    Username: rtorrent
    Password: admin

    [Remote Managment]
    Available UI's:
    ui_avalanche. ui_rtorrent.

    Open browser and type link: http://rtorrent.mycloudnas.com:6009/
    (replace domain to your mycloudnas link or server IP address)

    [Transdroid 2]
    Manage your torrents from your Android device with Transdroid. Adding is easy via the integrated search, RSS feeds or the barcode scanner. Monitor progress using the home screen widget or background alarm service.
    Latest 1.1.15: http://transdroid.org/latest
    Beta 2.0: Downloads - transdroid - A torrent client remote for Android - Google Project Hosting
    Configuration type: rtorrent
    IP: Address IP or domain of your server running rtorrent (CloudService name, eg. rtorrent.mycloudnas.com)
    Port: 6009 and Secure (SSL) 6008
    SCGI directory: /RPC2
    select Authorization box and enter user and password​
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  1. 10 Years Anniversary Update © 2008-2018
  2. Major update
  3. Minor update

Ostatnie opinie

  1. drdig
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0303
    The new version does not have drag and drop
  2. turosbatyu
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0503
    Fantastic app.Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. ijavid
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0503
    A must have app! Thank you!
  4. lemarec
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0503
    Great program
  5. amj87
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0419
    Great work and works fine. But I get the below error.

    (warn) rtorrent: watchdog svc: monitorix is down. Relaunching...
  6. Wah
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0419
    Such a Great program! Thanks for all the hard work!
  7. Mariuszpud
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0401
    Muy buena aplicacion para mi NAS
  8. nightcom
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0401
    Doskonaly program, tylko szkoda ze nie ma opcji wplaty przez PayPal :/
  9. CECC
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0401
    Great App!!! Keep up the good work
  10. jason moran
    jason moran
    Wersja: 0.9.6-b0401
    Fantastic app , keep up the good work
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