StarWind iSCSI SAN 6.0.5172.0 build 20121221

...turns any industry-standard Windows Server into a fault-tolerant, fail-safe Windows iSCSI SAN...

  1. Silas Mariusz
    StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS has taken the deserved place among the leading storage virtualization products for high performance, reliability, innovative approach, and advanced technologies.

    StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS is the storage hypervisor that creates fault-tolerant and high performance storage within minutes. This is a truly hardware-agnostic solution that can be installed on any commodity server. This robust software is a perfect fit for SMBs that need to create highly available shared storage without large investments.

    New configuration brings super benefits
    [+] Quick ROI due to the effective utilization of JBOD and RAID0
    [+] Tolerance to double fault (failure of 2 out of 3 storage nodes), resulting in 99.9999% uptime
    [+] The Active-Active-Active configuration delivering 50% higher performance (compared to a 2-node cluster)
    [+] No single point of failure

    Reduce your data protection costs
    Use your existing hardware and network infrastructure to create your storage. StarWind gives new life to your servers and network thereby reducing your capital expenditures and minimizing the storage Total Cost of Ownership. StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS enables simple and cost-effective storage deployment without sacrificing performance.

    Eliminate risk of data loss
    StarWind unified storage is like Fort Knox for the intellectual assets of your company. It provides perfect protection and mitigates all kinds of risks threatening your data.
    StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS
    • Ensures the high availability of data
    • Provides effective disaster recovery
    • Guarantees business continuity

    Benefit from simple storage management
    StarWind turns the complex storage concept into an easily manageable service. Any IT administrator familiar with Windows Server will easily manage the deployment, setup, and administration of this exceptionally user-friendly solution in just minutes.

    Virtualization Platforms
    StarWind is certified to work with the leading hypervisor platforms, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen Server.
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