ONVIF Device Manager 2.2.250

Network video device management software

  1. Silas Mariusz

    ONVIF Device Manager is an open-source tool to manage ONVIF-based devices such as IP-cameras, encoders and video servers. ONVIF Device Manager is also a reference design for the ONVIF NVC SDK.

    The ONVIF NVC SDK hides the complexity of the ONVIF interface and enables the rapid development of video management systems (VMS), access control, and industrial applications.
    • Implements ONVIF Profile S, and Profile G
    • Includes a video player based on the ffmpeg library
    • Supports most mandatory (M), optional (O), and conditional C[_] features including video analytics, audio, and PTZ
    • Written in C# and F# with the Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework
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