1. JrCsG

    Help QNAP Club Repo in english language

    Hi, is this the right (official) address for the QNAP Club Repo in the App Center in english language: https://qnapclub.eu/en/repo.xml?
  2. Silas Mariusz

    How-To Change forum navigation language to English

    To switch forum navigation language to english, please do this: Scroll to the bottom of the page On the dark gray footer bar click the globe icon... Then choose English (US) from the list: Done!
  3. spam4896

    english translate ?

    amazing , where is english ?
  4. kennymc


    I had to agree to something I can't read to post this. Maybe add a english translation somewhere. The only reason for this post is so that I can reply to the rtorrent thread because I can't at the moment.