Help Tracker: Could not parse bencoded data


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Jun 3, 2019
TS-809 Pro
56 GbE
I successfully installed rTorrent-Pro v0.9.9-0037 and it was working well. However for the last 4 days I've been getting "Tracker: Could not parse bencoded data" warnings on the tracker torrents. I'm able to download the same torrents using Folx on my Mac so it does not appear to be an issue with rutracker itself. Starting and stopping rTorrent does not help the situation.

I tried downloading a torrent from a different tracker and everything worked fine.

Any thoughts would be welcome.
If you have this error it means rtorrent can't parse the data the tracker(server) sends back to it. In simple terms, rtorrent had difficulty communicating with the tracker(server). The response from the tracker(server) is incomplete or empty. Most often it happens when a tracker(server) is overloaded. There is nothing you can do, just leave it and when rtorrent updates the tracker successfully, the error will disappear.
Thank you Silas. Odd that another downloader works and rTorrent doesn't. Might it be due to the number of to the large number of torrents on rTorrent vs Folx?

I'll wait patiently.
Thank you for confirming, Silas. Sad, I've been using their torrents on rTorrent-Pro for years now with great success.

I'll try and reach out to them.