1. L

    Help autodl-irssi

    Hello I wrongly assumed that rtorrent-Pro came with autodl-irssi - I already have other ways of downloading torrents to my NAS but was really interested in autodl-irssi as I have used this before in seedboxes and it works really well. However, if autodl-irssi is not part of the product (as I...
  2. F1le

    Help Autodl-irssi add to rtorrent-Pro

    For the payable rtorrent-Pro you might add autodl-irssi plugin please :)
  3. S

    Help Feature Request: autodl-irssi plugin

    Now that we have a paid for Pro version I would love to see the Autodl-irssi plugin added to the next version. Being able to monitor IRC with filters would be of great help to me. Thanks!!! Firmware version: Build 20180528 Model name: QNAP TS-251+
  4. F1le

    Help rtorrent - auto-dl irssi

    Witam, Czy w paczce rtorrent'a jest autodl-irssi? Jak to doinstalowac?