1. M

    Help Three Questions

    Hi, I have RTorrentPro purchased here recently and installed on my QNAP TS251A. Its all working but I have 3 questions just to finalise the setup - 1 - I get a constant warning from my QNAP - "Message: (warn) rtorrent: Cannot retrieve current version file..." How do I fix that? 2 - Again...
  2. wojtekdu

    Help Rtorrent przestał działać.

    Rtorrent przestał działać. Uruchamia się ale nie udostępnia, ani nie ściąga. Porty sprawdzałem na routerze. Otwarte. Proszę o pomoc. Wersja oprogramowania Firmware: Model serwera: QNAP TS-251
  3. M

    Help rtorrent stopped downloading/seeding

    Hi, Rtorrent was working fine and sudenly has doesn't download or share anything. I''ve seen this post Help - rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading were it says: Stop rtorrent. Go to the Download/rtorrent or Rdownload share and make a copy of session directory where are sessions are...
  4. chengdigger

    Help rTorrent-Pro - ipfilter/blocklist broken - can't seed/download

    It looks like the ipfilter blocklist is broken and contains rules to block all IP traffic. From https://silo.glasz.org/antip2p.list.gz Disabling the ipfilter in rTorrent fixes the issue. However, it would be nice to replace this feed with a working list.
  5. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Rtorrent-Pro does not start anymore after enabling IPFilter list

    Block list helps protect your privacy and security when using rtorrent by blocking a list of potentially malicious peers. There is no guarantee that the downloaded ipfilter list will be fully compatible with rtorrent. Incorrect content in ipfilter list may avoid start of rtorrent daemon...