1. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Getting Started with Rtorrent-Pro - Default Configuration and Managing

    1. Configuring Rtorrent-Pro Main Settings 1.1 Logging In Open Rtorrent-Pro. On the toolbar in the right-top corner click SETTINGS button Network Common settings Bind interface Assign Rtorrent-Pro for specified LAN or VPN Listening port UDP trackers support DHT support UDP port setting for...
  2. M

    Help how to create manual hardlink

    Hi, Some of the dowloaded torrents don't create folder+hardlink in medialibrary. How can I create manually folder+hardlink? Firmware version: 4.5.2 1594 Model name: QNAP TS-251 Regards
  3. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Media Library structure (4K/UHD auto detection)

    Media Library Directories Structure Understand directories corresponding to the download labels and media content type What is Media Library? Media Library is organized structure of downloaded media content which looks good and elegant, compilant with Kodi, Plex and Emby. Automatically...
  4. Silas Mariusz

    How to use rtorrent-Pro Advanced WebUI - uTorrent-like, highly extensible front-end.

    How to use rutorrent • What is ruTorrent ? => ruTorrent is front end for the bittorrent client rTorrent, don't confuse rTorrent and ruTorrent as both are related but different entities. rTorrent is the actual client which handles all the torrent activities (seeding/leeching) whereas ruTorrent...
  5. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Understand what are multiple downloads directories

    Downloads directories Understand what are Downloads paths Download data structure Understand download directories structure. Downloading torrent is saved for download and seeding in: /share/Rdownload/download/{label} On torrent download completion step, finished torrent data will be...
  6. Siona

    Help Uruchamianie Mikrotik CHR w virtualisation station

    Czy ktoś uruchamiał CHR od mikrotika na Qnapie? Interesuje mnie, który obraz powinienem pobrać i jak przeprowadzić całą akcję. Chciałbym pobawić się Mikrotik Dude - do tego w zupełności wystarczy najniższa licencja CHR (darmowa).