1. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Skype - Easy Guide Step-by-Step

    Login to your NAS Open Notification Center First make sure you already added your IM account Open 'System Notification Rules' tab from the left bar. Switch to 'Alert Notifications' on the top bar. Finally hit 'Create rule button'. Okay, once done: as Now it's a time to define...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Telegram Bot - Easy Guide Step-by-Step

    Open Telegram app and find @BotFather Type /start and then /newbot to create new bot. Enter unique name for the bot. Once you do that, bot should respond to you with token ID. Ctrl+C this token. Now create new channel on Telegram. Find a name and hit Create Edit channel and create...
  3. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Discord Webhooks - Very Easy Guide

    Open Discord app Add new server: Create own new server Select: For me and my friends: Set it name and click Create Click Server settings: From left sidebar menu select Integrations and click Create Webhook button: Create new bot and click Copy Webhook URL Go to...
  4. tadek

    Help [QuFirewall] Notification from your device

    Witam. Właśnie zacząłem dostawać komunikaty o takiej treści: [Warning][QuFirewall] Notification from your device: XXX NAS Name: XXX Severity: Warning Date/Time: 2022/01/12 09:58:02 App Name: QuFirewall Category: Firewall Events Message: [QuFirewall] In time of 2022-01-12 09:57:00 ~ 2022-01-12...
  5. Kreonium

    Help Syslog

    Zacząłem się bawić Syslog Serwerem. Logi z routera Asusa trafiają, ale chcę dostawać na FB Messengera informację gdy w logu wystąpi: "DSL: Link up -> down" Wiem, że jest możliwość wysłania email ale ja chcę dostać info od bota na FB Messengerze. Czy jest to możliwe?