1. Silas Mariusz

    How-To (Linux) Niezbędne narzędzia do skryptowania w Bashu

    Zainstaluj Entware-std Połącz się z serwerem po SSH Wykonaj, aby zainstalować: opkg update opkg install binutils coreutils diffutils findutils inetutils # opcjonalnie opkg install moreutils ncftp-utils ntp-utils usbutils xz-utils # kompilatory opkg install gcc libc libgcc opkg install...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    How-To (Linux) Instalacja Entware-Std

    Pobierz z repozytorium Entware-std Zainstaluj pobrany plik .qpkg w App Center w QNAP Połącz się z serwerem po SSH FAQ - Jak połączyć się po SSH do Linux w serwerze QNAP (PuTTY Windows) (UWAGA! Ważne, aby to zrobić dopiero po zainstalowaniu i uruchomieniu Entware) Wykonaj, aby...
  3. QNAP

    Download ScriptServer

    Nowa aplikacja QPKG w sklepie Qnapclub Store: ScriptServer Web UI for your scripts with execution management Script-server is a Web UI for scripts. As an administrator, you add your existing scripts into Script server and other users would be able to execute them via a web interface. The UI...
  4. altaroinj

    Help 2 suggestions to improve rTorrent

    Hello all, first of all, and I may repeat myself, thanks again for rtorrent. It's one of the few apps I did not hesitate to pay for, and I don't regret it. Then, I would like to suggest @Silas Mariusz 2 things to improve. 1. If it's not possible to automatically backup main configuration page...
  5. QNAP

    Download Ulogger Server (Apache73)

    Nowa aplikacja QPKG w sklepie Qnapclub Store: Ulogger Server (Apache73) This is a web application for real-time collection of geolocation data, tracks viewing and management. Together with a dedicated μlogger mobile client it may be used as a complete self hosted server–client solution for...
  6. Haskell

    Help External Script can't be used ?

    In Settings, under Notifications, there's an option to use External Script, but it's not checkable :-/ Firmware version: Model name: QNAP TS-253Be