1. M

    Help rtorrent stopped downloading/seeding

    Hi, Rtorrent was working fine and sudenly has doesn't download or share anything. I''ve seen this post Help - rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading were it says: Stop rtorrent. Go to the Download/rtorrent or Rdownload share and make a copy of session directory where are sessions are...
  2. Cprd

    Help Sessions?

    Hey I dont know if im misunderstanding this, but when i restart rtorrent i have to load all torrents again manually, even if i pressed "save session". Is this suppose to happen or is it a misconfiguration at my end? Firmware version: Model name: QNAP TS-251B
  3. M

    Help Settings won't save upon exit

    Changing anything in the settings will stay for the session but will revert back to default after restart. If I go into my settings and change the "Number of upload slots" from 300 to 10 for example, these settings will stay for the remainder of having rtorrent running. If I close out rtorrent...
  4. Silas Mariusz

    How-To Pobieranie plików/zawartości FTP w tle

    Zaloguj się na shell serwera, czyli pobierz i uruchom program PuTTY i po SSH zaloguj się na shell serwera: W otwartym oknie programu w polu Host Name... podaj adres IP serwera znaleziony Finderem, wybierz Connection type SSH oraz w polu Port podaj numer portu - domyślny 22. Następnie kliknij...