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Paweł Tołoczko

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Nov 8, 2013
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QNAP NAS Community Forum • View topic - [HD_Engine 2.1] announce (Kodi + PlexHomeTheater + Mame)

I am please to announce the First BETA of a new GROUP OF QPKGs named : HD_Engine 2.1 and A LIST OF related applications

QNAP NAS Community Forum • Information
QNAP NAS Community Forum • Information
Click to Enlarge HD_Engine view

NEW interface (task-bar / systray ) ... video here : viewtopic.php?f=295&t=98322#p437695
======= Kodi (Xbmc), PlexHomeTheater and VLC USE the Intel Video Acceleration available with HD_Station (please search on Intel site on supported V.A., supported chipset and applications able to use it : Video Acceleration API — Wikipédia )

======= MyKodi IS NOT a competitor for QNAP offer it's a complementary one for advanced users ...

====== HD_Station is a truncated (no apt ) Ubuntu chroot ... totally closed ...
====== HD_Engine is a full / complete Debian chroot (apt-get available) so you can add, test, any graphic application with it ... it's open

Models supported : TS-x51/TS-x53 under firmware 4.1.2 (Linux kernel 3.12.6) with HD_Station 2.0.20 or Beta 3.0
Models with large chance to run (except kernel constraints) : all Intel model with HDMI AND a real Intel Graphic Adapter (x70, x71 (certainly), x80 because HD_Station is same as x51/x53)
Models without any chance to run in a short time : x69 series with PowerVR graphic chip
Models able to run with some change : x63 (AMD graphic) BUT I don't have access to one to run tests and change libraries ...

HD_Engine 2.1
Solve shell bugs in 2.0 thanks tp Thomas first tester
HD_Engine 2.0
first version of new QPKG
What new compare to 1.0 and 1.1
chroot for HD_Engine 2.0 is now 64 bits (BUT with multi-arch to be able to run application in 32 bits mode)
QNAP challenges :
support loginscreen, support pluseaudio if need, prepare QNAP update to 64 bits Ubuntu, workaround Ubuntu constraints and QNAP choice ...
... login screen is supported (even I prefer without)
... HD_Station 3.0 Taskbar is supported (so no HD_Enegine taskbar WITH one restriction (QNAP design)
... ... HD_Engine Tasbar is able to analyse screen and IF QTV have the focus ... (so hide the taskbar) ... HD_Engine in less than 5 sec. is able to re display taskbar on TV screen, if it's NOT QTV (ex. Kodi in full screen) the Taskbar is hidden
... HD_Engine as before use a "normal" user to start App. and don't open security hole as running as root ...
... HD_Engine support dynamically pulseaudio (dynamically mean : you can without restart enable pulseaudio support or disable it to keep only Alsa)
... ... HD_Engine workaround the "stup.." usage of pulseaudio server as system under root in HD_Station by dynamically start a user server when application request to use pulseaudio
... HD_Engine share udev from HD_Station to be informed in case of hardware plugging (ex. a joystick)

It's a BETA a BETA a BETA ... perhaps I will stop if no more people will be interested by HD_Engine (for your information ... this version (only) it's more than 150 Hours of work ... )
so please return experience or I will stop all ... if nobody seem interested ...

[Applications available]
HD_Engine (motor not really visible)
... new all is hide ... so less trace use the new program : hdestatus ... to know what is running ...
My_Vlc, My_VboxGUI, MyVboxDisplay same as in 1.1
My_Remmina ... add the support of ssh ... so you can use it at a center to connect you in VNC, RDP or SSH to any system
My_Kodi ... is My_Xbmc renamed to be coherent with new name and version 14
... multiple PVR modules can be install on demand ...
My_Menu ... extended
... support of new app. : Exit (to quit the menu), Parameters (to switch pulseaudio enable/disable) , qmc2 for mame, and others usual ...
BETA My_Mame ... arcade game (4 free are supply)
... qmc2 is provide also as an icon in My_Menu
... I have tested a Joystick (I have only a xboxpad ... connection, tests and calibration are O.K. ... but I don't know enough mame to configure the joystick correctly ... so
BETA My_PlexHomeTheater ... is the first Linux version
... all seem O.K. except a segfault (due to libc) when you play a song from the album menu ... if you play it from Music menu all work as well

NEW : HD_Engine is ALL IN ONE FILE now ... download , unzip install manually (HyberidDesk menu, App. Center menu, manually in a console)
Update certainly work (but due to the rewrite IT'S NOT a so good idea) ... but QNAP erase HD_Station (but only it own application ... so HD_Engine stay as a ghost ... and need to be cleaned manually ...

HD_Engine 2.1 solve bug in 2.0 ... patch for 2.0 in case of ... : viewtopic.php?f=320&t=102333&p=457946#p457946
QPKG HD_Engine -

Vlc : MyVlc -
Mame : My_Mame -
PlexHomeTheater : ... metheater/
Remmina : MyRemmina -
Vvpc : My_Vbox_Gui - ; ... x-display/
Menu : My_Menu -
Kodi (Xbmc) : MyKodi (Xbmc 14) -

Some Important information here in previous announce : viewtopic.php?f=320&t=97963&start=30#p435516
F.A.Q. : viewtopic.php?f=295&t=98387#p447000



U mnie to ledwo chodzi. Pilot nie działa. Qremote tak laguje że można spokojnie zjeść kanapkę podczas przejść.
Wywalam ...

Wszystko wrzucone w wirtualkę Debiana ... idź Pan w cholerę :p
Paweł Tołoczko

Paweł Tołoczko

Enterprise Admin...
Q's Architect
Nov 8, 2013
1 GbE
Mnie najbardizej interesuje implementacja MAME oraz SNESa