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Apr 29, 2013

Nowa aplikacja QPKG w sklepie Qnapclub Store: Ombi v4


Want a Movie or TV Show on Plex or Emby? Use Ombi! Pre Release

What is Ombi?

Ombi is a self-hosted web application that automatically gives your shared Plex or Emby users the ability to request content by themselves! Ombi can be linked to multiple TV Show and Movie DVR tools to create a seamless end-to-end experience for your users.

Here are some of the features Ombi V3 has:

  • Now working without crashes on Linux.
  • Lets users request Movies and TV Shows (whether it being the entire series, an entire season, or even single episodes.)
  • Easily manage your requests
  • User management system (supports, Emby and local accounts)
  • A landing page that will give you the availability of your Plex/Emby server and also add custom notification text to inform your users of downtime.
  • Allows your users to get custom notifications!
  • Secure authentication using best practises
  • Will show if the request is already on plex or even if it's already monitored.
  • Automatically updates the status of requests when they are available on Plex/Emby
  • Slick, responsive and mobile friendly UI
  • Ombi will automatically update itself :)
  • Very fast!
We integrate with the following applications:

  • Plex Media Server
  • Emby
  • Sonarr
  • Radarr
  • DogNzb
  • Couch Potato
Supported notifications:

  • SMTP Notifications (Email)
  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Pushbullet
  • Pushover
  • Mattermost
  • Telegram

Your gratitude and finance will help me to continue integration of this QPKG and maintain up to date versions.

Credits for Ombi dev.

Modele: TS-NASX86 64bits,TS-X32U,TS-X41

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