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Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
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v2.1.1.0 RC0 Build 851
This version requires to restore few registry QlogR settings. Inside this package I placed file '_runme_to_fix.reg' run it to fix registry.

If QlogR doesn't want to start and is messaging You with some kind of strange and stupid error, this mean You've been using before oldest version of QlogR. So You need to fix registry settings in windows. How to do that?
- Push WinKey+R from keyboard - run dialog will opened
- Type: 'regedit' and hit enter - RegEdit will start
- Browse on a left to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and find QlogR folder, righ mouse button on it and delete it!
- Done!

- CPU usage and Memory
- System and HDD temperatures
- System Up Time
- Monitor HDD's, RAID Informations
- Full Smart Informations
- Watch Events and Connections Logs
- Sound events
- Balloon hints notifications
- Work in background
- Copy interested items to clipboard by Ctrl+C

QNAP NAS model: TS-109, 109-PRO, 209, 209-PRO, 409, 409-PRO (FW v2.0)
OS: PC with Windows XP, Vista (x86 / x64)

How to install/run?
- Download .zip file
- Unpack it
- Run qlogr.exe and click Configuration tab
- Select Unit Type You want to connect
- Enter IP and Port of Your NAS (confirm all field by ENTER button)
- Enter Your admin Username and Password (confirm all field by ENTER button)
- Select informations what You wanna get in Data tab
- Click "Start" button from Home tab
- Enjoy!

Events log:

Connections log:


HDD Smart Info:

Search function:

Type some word in "Find" field and press Enter button... then You can see If Your log is founded in Events or Connection tab!
Check my picture again.. I was looking for "Lost" and all items where is that word are displayed. If You wanna get back, just clear "Find" field and again press Enter button :)

Usage and Temperature Scope:

v2.1.1.0 RC0 Build 851
+ Added Icons replacements pack
! Fixed at least bug with Edit bars - now not needed ENTER key button for confirmation.
! Fixed issue with bad sizes of scopes

v2.1.1.0 RC0 Build 845
! Changed Help button on a right. Now it's Popup menu with direct links to QNAP forum's.

v2.1.1.0 RC0 Build 839
Note from Author: Hello dear! :) Yup I'm back and I'll still develop this util. Hope Your are guyz still using it and waiting for new version. Thanks for everyone who is using this util.
- Connection timeout is not anymore on Ribbon bar (replaced by FilterDuplicate button). You can change Connection Timeout only in .ini file
+ FilterDuplicate Connections Data Button is located on Ribbon in Configuration tab > Log reading (for what is it? ok so QNAPLogEngined is delivering data about connections. Eg. when user is reading long file, note about that in Connection Log is taking few lines. So this function is filtering connection log and You'll have only ONE line about this.
! Changed Scope displaying. In release before Scopes been placed vertically - now are horizontally
+ Added to Scope displaying of CPU temperature - for future
! Changed displaying of CPU Usage - now it's called CPU Utilization because can show CPU usage and CPU temperature - it's for future so don't worry :) value will not be displayed
+ [INTERNAL] Added new unit in "Unit type" and it's called "development" - don't use it! it will crash program...
+ All other features not listed here are internal and not visible :)

v2.1.0.0 RC0 Build 831
! Fixed bug with Restarting and Shutting Down Unit
+ Added new option : Filter Duplicated Connections Entries
If You do not wanna use it, just open QlogR.ini and find entry: FilterDuplicatedConnectionsEntries change it to 0.
What is this function? Ok so in a Connections log mostly there is a lot of the same entries only with different time. So why we need to keep them?

v2.1.0.0 RC0 Build 824
+ Fixed issue with Parsing information. Problem caused by not properly working MSXML Core on 32bit systems (not initializing ActiveX object).

v2.1.0.0 RC0 Build 812
+ New engine with multi threads - should speed up the program. Program will work much more smoothnes without freezing. Full support for multi (core) CPU's.

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 596
! No more auth method when reading data - code optimized
! Fixed notifications - baloon tips
! Fixed displaying status when reading sysinfo
+ Reading System information and rest of Log works in seperate threads. And now System Informations are not readed when QlogR is reading rest of data
+ Added property to refresh app before downloading info - should little bit smooth app
+ Added System information configuration (data tab)

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 581
! Fixed restoring window from tray when clicking right mouse button on tray icon and choosing some log
+ System Information like CPU Usage and Temperature are now readed every 3 secs. - in next release user will decide about readed time

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 573
+ Added PopupMenu when You click right mouse button on Tray Icon
+ Added Tray Hint with Performance information - move mouse on TrayIcon and stay

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 565
! Parsing variables to Scope looks like to be fixed

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 561
! Exe file not packed with upx anymore
! Fixed problem with Decimal seperator in Float values - Scope
+ Added temperature Scope

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 549
! Changed way of saving information about QlogR layout. Now all is gonna to be saved in registry.
+ Added Scope for CPU/Memory Usage
+ something that i forgot :)

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 538
+ HDD/RAID tabs are enabled or disabled dynamicly when changing Unit type - so if You got TS-109 You will have ONLY HDD01, if TS...
+ First improvement of Free disk space under Raid ListView (tested on RAID 0) - dunno about rest - may crash the program
+ Added Archive settings under Data tab
+ Added possibility to change archive directory name

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 529
! Archiving (EXPERIMENTAL) now can be enabled from IniFile - soon from Ribbon tab in app
+ Password is now displayed as *****
+ ListView Events and Connections Columns sizes are now saved when app is closed

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 523
! Fixed MultiSelection in QlogR tab
+ Changed way of closing App
+ First implementation of Archiving logs (qlogr basedir/archive) - only save at this moment
+ Some internal changes

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 501
+ Added logs zipping On-the-fly
! Fixed some internal working issues
+ Changed Tray Icon Visibility to Always - some problems with Creating and Destroing Icons on some Windows

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 479
- No more INIFile property ChangeEncoding. Now program automaticly detect if there is a problem of parsing not proper UTF-8 Data. And if it really exist it will change encoding. This is caused of bad encoding in FW v2.0. So if You have a problem with accenteded characters - sorry i'm trying to do the best i can't... but up today i didn't find any good solution.
! Load and Save dialogs should work now also on older Windows than Vista

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 477
+ Added property to INIFile "ChangeEncoding" (default: false) - change to true if there is a problem with reading data
! Fixed no_connection icon
! Fixed balloon tip reset notification - reset was only when clicking TrayIcon - now notification list reset is when minimizing or restoring app too
! Fixed wait for working after pushing Start button - always 5 seconds
+ Improved first experimental Load and Save function (atm tested on Vista)

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 467
! Fixed bug with Sound Notifications

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 466
! Fixed Window resizing issue from build 464
! Changed Update server

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 464
! Changed Min Height of App Window

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 463
! Fixed adding items to HDD list
! Fixed clear all
+ SelectAll button works
+ Copy button works

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 458
! fixed delay function when trying to create trayicon
! changed way of application memory optimilization - thanks goes to friend from FireFox (web browser) team!
+ added into ini file some switch like "RamOptimize" - default true
+ color scheme possible to change from Ini File only ("ColorScheme" - switches 0, 1, 2)
! changed displaying format about new version in statusbar
+ added possibility to start it with param that will run it with different .ini file like "qlogr.exe myconfig.ini"

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 444
+ App is starting now in Low Priority
! Fixed ID's in QlogR Tab
! Changed way of displaying Unit title in Application Titlebar
! Fixed bug when device is unaccessible. App can still work normally...
! I hope fixed some bug with retreiving data...

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 441
! Fixed and improved Character Decoding function - automaticly
Please try create some empty file or copy some file that will containt Your international characters. In Poland i got: ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż Ą Ć Ę Ł Ń Ó Ś Ź Ż.
When You do that read the "Connections log" and take a look for a log if everything is ok. If log will not be readed check for a QlogR tab and report here a problem - please gimme a name of file that cannot be readed. You can create also empty file and upload somewhere on ftp or whatever... Just check :) Thanks for Your good support guyz!

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 435
! Fixed closing query
! Fixed CTRL+C in ListViews
! Fixed CTRL+A in ListViews
+ Added version displaying in Application Caption

v2.0.0.0 Beta Build 428 - First initial public release

- Multi-Thread working (RC0)
- Auto loading logs when app is starting (RC1)
- On-Line users (RC2)
- Browser for archived logs (RC3)

New Poll! Please vote!!!

Kilka moich propozycji i uwag:

Proponuje aby w zakładce "Administration" dodać możliwość włączania/wyłączania np: Download station, Multimedia Station, UPnP MediaServer , Web Server, Surveillance Station oraz w miare możliwośći Web File Manager, FTP Service, MySQL Server i QPKG np: mldonkey.

To by bardziej uatrakcyjniło program z czego było by duża wygodą (nie musialbym za kazdym razem logować się na strone www aby wyłączyć download station).

Pozatym ogólnie program się podoba. Bywają czasami błędy: "Access violation at address 005652EE in module 'qlogr.exe'. Read of address 00000001." i inne ale tylko wtedy kiedy przeglądam inferfejs a jak jest w trayu to jest spokój. No i te wpisywanie danych QNAPa, na początku były problemy bo po wpisaniu w inpucie i przejsciu do innego treść tamtego znikała i musiałem od początku...

Przydałaby się możliwość obsługiwania kilka QNAPów jednocześnie.

1) QlogR - jak nazwa wskazuje logi ;D
i koniec

2) sypanie sie programu - nie wiem czym to jest spowodowane
wiem ze moze bedzie wersja v3 w pazdzierniku/listopadzie zupelnie inna ale stricte do logow

3) projekt obecnie jest zatrzymany i nie rowzijany
Wskazuje logi i ma możliwość wyłączenia, restartu QNAPa a więc nie tylko :p
Czy można się spodziewać programu posiadające funkcje, które wymieniłem ?

OK, dziękuję za odpowiedź.
Będę czekał na nowszą wersję.

Z pozdrowieniami
W nowej wersji poprosze jakies haszowanie hasla bo na razie to czystym tekstem jest zapisywane w qlogr.ini ...
pomocy Czy toś myśli o nowszych wersjach QNapa'a (chodzi mi o 509, 639, 809, 839 i nowszych)

Z tego co widze, to oprogramowonie obsługuje tylko QNapu 4-o dyskowe. Szkoda, że przestało być dalej rozwijane. Bardzo fajnie się prezentuje z wygladu i opisu.
caly draft jaki powstal napisany w C# chcialem docelowo przeniesc na Delphi Prism. Ale niestety nie mam $4999 zeby kupic oryginal ... a wersje sciagana nie odpala sie. Delphi Prism to dodatek do Microsoft Visual Studio, za pomoca ktorego mozna pisac soft w jezyku Object Pascal dla platform .NET i Mono.

Wiecej szczegolow juz niedlugo...