Hint Super-easy guide to understand how to write RSS rules to automate TV-Series downloads

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Silas Mariusz

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
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  1. First you have to find out RSS link to the TV Series category feed on your favourite torrent site.
    Mostly you have to generate that link.
    Rss generate link

  2. Once you have this link go to the Advanced GUI in rtorrent-Pro, click right-mouse button on the All Feeds and select Add RSS feed
    Add rss feed

  3. Now add this RSS link
    Add rss link

  4. This is that moment when you should see your feeds in the list. So click on the to TV Series HD to display list of torrents from the feed.
    Rss feed list

  5. Some people say this is a hard part, but in the fact the rule bellow is super easy to understand. So let's say we will study on that torrent name:
    The Mandalorian S01E06 SUB PL REPACK 1080p WEBRiP X264-PE...

    And we have to write rule like this:

    Which means in DOS format or human readable format something like this:

  6. So click the right mouse button again and select RSS Manager. Once new window popup, enter that rule in the Filter field. Make sure to select RSS feed, set directory to /share/Rdownload/downloads/tv/ and label set to tv.
    Add rss rule

  7. Now simply click the ? button to check if your rule matches anything.
    Click test button

  8. You should see something like this, which means your rule is fine.
    Upload 2019 12 14 13 5 20
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