TS-409 Pro/Std Official FW (Version 2.1.0 Build 0904)

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
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2.1.0 Build 0904

[Co nowego]

- Built-in sftp-server, support CLI sftp command
- Support NTFS read/write (USB external disk)
- Change USB/eSATA share name from "USB Disk X" to "USBDiskX"
- In “Back up to an external storage device” and “USB one touch copy backup” functions, if "Synchronize" is selected as the copy option, "rsync" command is used; otherwise "cp" command is used.
- TwonkyMedia is upgraded to V4.4.6
- Upgrade wget to 1.11.4
- Download Station supports HTTP header parsing (content-disposition) which is used in http download. (supports save.tv now)
- Move db path to HDD data partition in TwonkyMedia
- The free memory displayed in “System Logs” > “System Information” is the total of the unused memory, cache, and flash memory.
- The fan rotation settings is changed as below for high fan speed when the hard drive temperature is over 53 degrees C
- The hard drive temperature is checked every 10 minutes if the HDD standby mode in “System Tools” > “Hardware Settings” is disabled.
- The hard drive temperature is checked 10 minutes after the time set in HDD standby mode if the option is enabled. For example, if 5 minutes is selected in the HDD standby mode option, the system checks the hard drive temperature after 15 minutes (5+10 min).

[Główne poprawki]
- BT download could not start occasionally when switching from schedule download to continuous download.
- Filezilla 3.1.1 shows "Could not read from transfer socket: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted" when connecting the NAS by TLS/SSL.
- Schedule download tasks cannot be started when the total number of tasks on Run/ Pause/ Finished lists is larger than the maximum number of running tasks.
- Surveillance Station login issue
- When Network Recycle Bin is enabled, the system CPU usage rises to 100% when deleting files with names ended with a tilde (`~`), e.g. test~
- Several strings in German and Spanish UI

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TS-409 Pro
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