TS-409 Pro/Std Official FW (Version 2.1.1 Beta Build 0925)

Silas Mariusz

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
1 GbE

Cumulative bugfixes

[What's new?]

- DDNS update function enhancement (Time interval settings added)
- Disable SMART test on Seagate hard drive with firmware version AN05.
- Network recycled bin now only supports file deletion via SAMBA & AFP (Spec. changed)
- Download Station UI component updated to adapt to IE7, IE8 & Firefox 3
- Download station now supports direct download from Rapidshare or through QRapid
- TS-x09 will now generate its unique FAQ SSH key files when FAQ SSH remote access is enabled at the first time.
- Adding a 'PRO II' string on the bottom of the administration page for identifying TS-109/209 Pro-II models
- Pressing and holding the reset button for 10 seconds will now restore to the default configuration settings.

[Major Bug Fixed]
- Fixed Surveillance station playback page not working
- NAS still shuts down when power cut on the UPS even though power recovers right after
- Web UI - Multimedia Station directory tree modified to adapt to IE7 and Firefox
- Incorrect default path for FAQ SSH (/usr/local/bin/FAQ SSH instead of /usr/local/bin/FAQ SSH) causing errors in SCP.
- Garbage characters are displayed in telnet
- Using wget (-q) generates garbage files (when installing softwares using 'ipkg install')
- UPS support broken with 'genpowered' process re-launched
- Errors on renaming a share folder name
- Back up to external eSATA drive fails

[Download Locations]
TS-109 | TS-109 Pro/Pro-II
TS-209 | TS-209 Pro/Pro-II
TS-409 | TS-409 Pro