TS-509 Pro Official FW (Version 2.1.0 Build 1202)

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
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Hi folks,

We have just released an official update firmware for TS-509 Pro (v2.1.0 Build1202). You will be able to experience a lot of new features and enhancements in the version, please see the release information below for more details.
* This is a quick fix of previous firmware (v2.1.0 Build1128), and has fixed the FTP anonymous issue.

Release date:

Revision, Build:
2.1.0 Build 1202

[Before you start]
If you are using the older firmware versions (v2.0.2 build0924 or earlier) with 1.5TB drive(s) in your NAS, DO NOT upgrade this firmware through the Web Admin directly. Please go to QNAP.com, download the latest QNAP finder (v3.3.2 build1017 or later) and update the firmware via it.

[What's new from v2.0.3]
- Secure Data Protection by AES 256-bit Volume-based Encryption (can be set during Quick Configuration or via LCD System Initialization )
- iSCSI Target with Thin Provisioning
- Support SMS Notification
- Advanced IP Filter & Network Access Protection (Auto-blocking)
- Network Share Status Report
- Import SSL certificate
- Surveillance Station (supports 4 cameras)
- USB & eSATA drives now support multiple partition detection and they have been integrated as a new function (External Storage Device)
- Support PicLens in Multimedia Station
- System Logs support right click menu (can delete a record or block an IP address directly)
- Samba upgrades to 3.2.4
* Support Windows 2008 AD
* Fix access/modified timestamp issue
- Mac Bonjour service (Admin Portal)
- Spec. change: LCD error message + Enhance UI on long press of LCD
- MySQL upgrades from 5.0.51 to 5.0.67
* Fix the known sorting bug in MySQL 5.0.51
- Support FTP write only
- Support Syslog
- Twonky 4.4.9
- "AC power recovery control" in auto power on/off management web page

[Enhancements from v2.0.3]
- UPS support usbhid-ups driver + Standby mode
- Alert notification
- Connection Log
- On-line user (add iSCSI connection)
- Add sender in SMTP configuration function
- Add "delete all data" option in delete network share function
- DDNS now supports customized update time interval
- Disable HDD write-cache if the drive model is Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5 TB) with firmware version SD15, SD17 or SD18

[Bugfixes from v2.0.3]
- [Fix] Disable FTP anonymous login but still can login with "guest" account
- [Fix] Gateway/DNS server can't be set to x.255.255.x
- [Fix] Volume status layout error in firefox
- [Fix] autorun.sh executes twice
- [Fix] Schedule booting sometimes doesn't work if time has been changed

Download sites:
Mirror 1: United States
Mirror 3: Europe
Mirror 2: Taiwan