Native Compiler (gnueabi) [arm-x09] 0.16-8

Wirtualne środowisko chroot dla platformy ARM-x09.

  1. Silas Mariusz
    arm native compiler

    Revision History
    Rev: V0.10
    Date: 02/June/2013
    Author: Silas Mariusz Grzybacz
    Description: Initial draft

    1. Introduction

    This document provides detailed description to create the native compile environment and build your application for QNAP NAS.

    2. Install the arm native environment

    Please follow the steps to install/uninstall native environment on your ARM-based QNAP NAS machine

    To Install:​
    As root, decompress the toolchain to the “/share/HDA_DATA” or “/share/MD0_DATA” folder.
    * Single disk configuration users please use HDA_DATA
    * RAID disk configuration users please use MD0_DATA
    Kod (Bash):
    1. tar zxvf qnap_arm_native_compiler-0.16-8.tar.gz -C /share/XXX_DATA
    To Uninstall:​
    As root, stop and reboot NAS to make sure that there are no mount points to native environment.
    Kod (Bash):
    1. /share/XXX_DATA/native/ stop
    2. reboot
    After the reboot, check mount points. If there is no mount point to native environment, then remove native directory /share/XXX_DATA/native
    Kod (Bash):
    1. mount | grep native || rm -rf /share/XXX_DATA/native

    3. Start native environment

    Please follow the steps to start native environment
    Kod (Bash):
    1. /share/XXX_DATA/native/
    2. chroot /share/XXX_DATA/native
    You're in. Happy compiling!

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  1. QNAP
    Wersja: 0.16-8