1. crewsjohn2

    Help Downloading

    If I link a movie to my Rtorrent it doesn't even try to start downloading.
  2. M

    Help rtorrent stopped downloading/seeding

    Hi, Rtorrent was working fine and sudenly has doesn't download or share anything. I''ve seen this post Help - rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading were it says: Stop rtorrent. Go to the Download/rtorrent or Rdownload share and make a copy of session directory where are sessions are...
  3. B

    Help rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading

    I am running rtorrent-Pro 0.9.6-A229 on a Qnap TS-669Pro with opsys. I have run a number of earlier versions of rtorrent previous to this one, and notwithstanding minor problems, they downloaded torrents. This version suddenly stopped any downloading. I have uninstalled/reinstalled...
  4. Lukasz1988

    Help rtorrent not seeding at all and not downloading from rss feed

    hi marius. everything has been going great with rtorrent upto last few days restarted my server. once reloading everything booted up fine. running the vpn thats been working great for along time. before restarting was seeding like crazy and had no problems downloading. after the restart...
  5. Silas Mariusz

    Manual How to easily start new downloads? (Watch directory)

    How to easily start new downloads? While downloading any .torrent file from your favourite tracker, use Save As Dialog and... Browse to the watch directory Open My computer and browse network drive with the Download share. Make sure Download share is already mapped as network drive in your...
  6. B

    Help Auto Tools

    I am very new to using rTorrent on my qnas. I have been looking everywhere on the forum to figure out how to use autotool. I am not good at coding or linux so many of the guides I have read to do make much sense to me. What i am trying to do is have all files start in a "Downloading" folder...
  7. Lukasz1988

    Help Finished torrent data is in both downloads and complete directory

    noticed this today when I finished a download normally all my downloading items are in /downloading when they finish they Goto complete for some reason it's keeping the complete downloads in downloading and putting another copy into complete any idea how to fix this? I would like it to download...