Help rtorrent not seeding at all and not downloading from rss feed


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Jun 9, 2019
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hi marius.

everything has been going great with rtorrent upto last few days restarted my server. once reloading everything booted up fine. running the vpn thats been working great for along time. before restarting was seeding like crazy and had no problems downloading. after the restart nothing is seeding and items on the rss feed just dont connect to peers they just stay at 0 peers and dont download. i checked my port status and its good even tried pinging it and checking that its open and its open. if i manually load a torrent file it then downloads no worries but not as fast as it was before. basically nothing has changed on my end for a very long time. can confirm was seeding and downloading fine all the way upto when i restarted my qnap. i have restarted my qnap heaps of times in the past and never had any problems
im seeding over 1300 items which on a daily basis i upload approx 200gb. something strange is going on because NO files download from RSS feed they just sit in downloading at 0% but when i manually put a file into the watch folder it downloads straight away. rss feeds are still constantly updating etc.
hey mariuz just want to confirm the rss feed is downloading seems to have sorted its self out so dont stress about that one :) still an seeding issue however i reckon the torrent site is having issues so ill report back in a few days to see where we are at :)
ill give it a try now see how it goes i jumped on the sites forum see if anyone having an issue aswell or if its just me and then we can go from there
yeh fixed mate your an absolute legend
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