Help Automate starting and stopping of torrents

Steven T Gravel

Passing Basics
Jul 7, 2020
1 GbE
I would like to automate the starting and stopping of seeding torrents for a specific tracker on my rTorrent Pro installation. Essentially, I have consistently named torrents that always include the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. I would like to automatically start seeding existing torrents for the current day (MM-DD) and the following day at midnight UTC each day. I would also stop seeding the past day's torrents at the same time.

I am thinking this should be possible based on evaluating the filenames and the tracker for each torrent and starting or stopping the right ones, but I have no idea where to begin. Is this something that can be accomplished with scripting or plugins? Just looking to see if there is a resource out there I can read up on to get started, or examples from others who have done similar things.

It's an embarrassingly humble question, but I appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

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