1. Steven T Gravel

    Help Automate starting and stopping of torrents

    I would like to automate the starting and stopping of seeding torrents for a specific tracker on my rTorrent Pro installation. Essentially, I have consistently named torrents that always include the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. I would like to automatically start seeding existing torrents for...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Hint The difference between torrenting on a PC and NAS - Common issues, Best Practices

    The difference between Torrenting & Torrenting Purpose The main advantage of Rtorrent-Pro on a NAS is a: new, more efficient way to manage and download torrents, handle up to several thousand of torrents jobs at the same time, keep torrents seeding as long as needed even if user decided to...
  3. M

    Help Torrents had to re-download even though they were complete

    I had a handful of torrents that I had downloaded and they were 100% complete and they even had hard links for them in the "complete" folder. I closed out rTorrent by going to the App Center on the QNAP and hit "Stop" under the rTorrent drop down options. When I reopened rTorrent it shows those...
  4. M

    Help updated to 0.9.7-A825 and torrents disapeared

    Hi I have updated rutorrent to 0.9.7-A825 version and all the torrents I was sharing have disapeared. I have download torrent files and tried to add them again to continue sharing but rutorrent doesnt add torrents. Actually it is stuck tryng to share 1 file. How can I re share all them again...
  5. Paul1963

    Help Not able to get finished torrents in seeding state

    Firmware version: Build: 20200702 Model name: QNAP TVS-EC1080+ & QNAP TS-1673U-RP Updated from version A702 (with the faulty instantsearch) to version A708 on the TVS-EC1080+. After downloading, torrents get state "Finished". Trying to start them puts them in state "Paused", not...
  6. B

    Help rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading

    I am running rtorrent-Pro 0.9.6-A229 on a Qnap TS-669Pro with opsys. I have run a number of earlier versions of rtorrent previous to this one, and notwithstanding minor problems, they downloaded torrents. This version suddenly stopped any downloading. I have uninstalled/reinstalled...
  7. R

    Help Rtorrent not seeding/Uploading

    Been using Rtorrent for quite a while. (now Rtorrent_pro). since a couple of weeks it stop seeding/uploading. Torrents appeard as Pausing in UI. Please help Firmware version: Model name: QNAP HS-251
  8. Lukasz1988

    Help Could not parse bencoded data - when using ExpressVPN

    Hi there just recently updated my rtorrent software to latest. also qnap firmware. now once i load rtorrent and select my vpn interface when it reloads it comes up with Could not parse bencoded data for all my seeding torrents also cant download any new torrents. when i switch back to non vpn...