Help Duplicates again - when disabling automove it still is moving my data into complete directory


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Jun 18, 2018
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Sorry to reopen and bother you with but i still having problems with this. I send you screenshots but i have not configure autotools to move data to ../complete/ folder but when I download its duplicate data in ../downloads/ and ../complete/ I want to keep data sorted and no duplicate.

I send you screenshots you can see that I have a download with no automove check and still moving or hardlinking to complete folder.

You shuld recheck this again. If autotools are disabled then there is no way to have moved data into complete directory.

I just checked this for you.

Here are my settings:
I keep labels and watch directory, but disabled automove feature.

Now I added new torrent task:


Download has started:

Downloaded torrent is found in downloads directory:

But there is no such torrent in:

Can you please recheck this?
Before please remove log file: Download\rtorrent\logs\ui-rtorrent-error.log
(This file contains error logs and all debug logs from autotools execution[/icode]

If you still experience this issue please remove file Download\rtorrent\settings\users\rtorrent\settings\autotools.dat, then reload UI, go to autotools and configure it again.
Hi thank you very much but still the same, I remove autotools.dat and ui-rtorrent-error.log and everything works the same way. I have last version of rtorrent-pro

Sorry bothering you with this but I dont know what can I do thank again for your support.

Hi, is creating hardlink even if its not configured in autotools.

[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: --- begin ---
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: enabled          : 1
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: autostart        : 1
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: path_to_watch    : /share/Download/rtorrent/watch/
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: get_directory    : /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: torrent file     : /share/Download/rtorrent/watch/other/Oreilly.-.Web.Scraping.With.Python.2018.2nd.Edition.Retail.EPUB.eBook-BitBook [IPT].torrent
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: save data to     : /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/other/
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: torrent added    : 8D800C8F1F8C73D0E93EC9117366F6869E45DDA6
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoWatch: --- end ---
[13.09.18 18:24:45]
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: --- begin ---
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: enabled         : 1
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: template        : "{DIR}"
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: get_directory   : /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: d.get_directory : /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/other/Oreilly.-.Web.Scraping.With.Python.2018.2nd.Edition.Retail.EPUB.eBook-BitBook
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: d.get_custom3   :
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: d.is_multy_file : 1
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: label           : "other"
[13.09.18 18:24:45] rtExec: d.set_custom1
[13.09.18 18:24:45] AutoLabel: --- end ---
[13.09.18 18:24:47]
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: --- begin ---
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: Operation HardLink
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: from /share/Download/rtorrent/downloads/other/Oreilly.-.Web.Scraping.With.Python.2018.2nd.Edition.Retail.EPUB.eBook-BitBook/
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: to   /share/Download/rtorrent/complete/other/Oreilly.-.Web.Scraping.With.Python.2018.2nd.Edition.Retail.EPUB.eBook-BitBook/
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: using filter:
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: filter:  did not match any files inbb-web.scraping.with.python.nfo | | file_id.diz. end
[13.09.18 18:24:47] rtOpFiles: finished
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: ".mailto" file   : not found!
[13.09.18 18:24:47] AutoMove: --- end ---
Ok, but I don't change anything is the default behaviour since I installed. I send you log where you can see that its harlinking even autotools is not configured to do that. I'll try to install from scratch If I can save all my torrents information.

Thank you


Can I install from scratch last version? Can I export torrents and data to import again once I install rtorrent-pro?

Thank you
Okay for sure there is something wrong, because definitely automove is enabled.

A. First lets see what are files permissions.
  1. Please login by SSH to your NAS.

  2. Please execute this command:
    ls -la -R /share/Download/rtorrent/settings/ > /share/Public/rtorrent-ls-settings.txt

  3. And please post here an output from file rtorrent-ls-settings.txt located in Public share name.

B. Now lets try to manually change this setting.

  1. Make sure rtorrent-Pro is running

  2. Please execute these commands on SSH:
    [ -f "${MOVE_CONF}" ] && echo "Found: ${MOVE_CONF} " || echo "Autotools not found: ${MOVE_CONF}"
    # if found then move next step
    # see if automove is enabled or not
    grep -q "$MOVE_ENABLED" "${MOVE_CONF}" && echo Move: enabled || echo Move: disabled
    # now replace enabled to disabled in autotools conf file
    sed -i -e "s/$MOVE_ENABLED/$MOVE_DISABLED/g" "${MOVE_CONF}"
    # see its enabled status again...
    grep -q "$MOVE_ENABLED" "${MOVE_CONF}" && echo Move: enabled || echo Move: disabled

Hope it will be fixed now ;)

Thank you very much. I'll try script to modify autotools behaviaour. Its possible to make a new installation from scratch and import all settings, torrent and data info? how can export all?



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I see you are using different username to login rtorrent than default.
/share/Download/rtorrent/settings/users/perceptronico/settings is missing autotools.dat btw.

I think you should do these steps.
1) Change user name login back again to: rtorrent
2) Make a copy of directory /share/Download/rtorrent/settings - just in case
3) Remove ...rtorrent/settings completely.
4) And start rtorrent.
Thank you very much for your help. If I do that, can I lost all torrents information from that user isn't?

Thank you and sorry bothering you with that.
Thank you very much, I rename user to "rtorrent" and autotools config back again, unchecking automove and working.

Next step media library but i dont know how to made works thank you very much for your help.
If you change your login credentials then duplicates data in folder download/complete as perillas has said; if you maintain rtorrent and admin as your login credentials, everything's fine

Probably a bug to solve;-)
I had the same problem as perillas. I always changed the login credentilas after install, because the program suggested.
Because of the settings not saved with the new user, it is not suggested. So what is the best step?