1. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Skype - Easy Guide Step-by-Step

    Login to your NAS Open Notification Center First make sure you already added your IM account Open 'System Notification Rules' tab from the left bar. Switch to 'Alert Notifications' on the top bar. Finally hit 'Create rule button'. Okay, once done: as Now it's a time to define...
  2. P

    Help How can I limit the amount of simultaneous downloads that rTorrent Pro will download.

    I am new to qnap and ssh so would appreciate if you could help me. I heard that I would need to edit the rtorrent.rc file using ssh but I have no idea how to do this. I have over 1000 downloads going and rtorrent is trying to download all at once and it is very annoying as they are so slow. I...
  3. Silas Mariusz

    Safety Legal Disclaimer and Notices

  4. kordusson

    Help Przekierowanie portu dla rtorrent

    Witam, posiadam qnapa TS-453Be oraz rtorrent 0.9.8 0.13.8 - mam przekierowany port 42000, który jest opened według nmap , natomiast strony Open Port Check Tool -- Verify Port Forwarding on Your Router i inne podobnych wskazuje ze port jest zamknięty. ISP to Inea , z publicznym ip...
  5. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Telegram Bot - Easy Guide Step-by-Step

    Open Telegram app and find @BotFather Type /start and then /newbot to create new bot. Enter unique name for the bot. Once you do that, bot should respond to you with token ID. Ctrl+C this token. Now create new channel on Telegram. Find a name and hit Create Edit channel and create...
  6. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Discord Webhooks - Very Easy Guide

    Open Discord app Add new server: Create own new server Select: For me and my friends: Set it name and click Create Click Server settings: From left sidebar menu select Integrations and click Create Webhook button: Create new bot and click Copy Webhook URL Go to...
  7. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Getting Started with Rtorrent-Pro - Default Configuration and Managing

    1. Configuring Rtorrent-Pro Main Settings 1.1 Logging In Open Rtorrent-Pro. On the toolbar in the right-top corner click SETTINGS button Network Common settings Bind interface Assign Rtorrent-Pro for specified LAN or VPN Listening port UDP trackers support DHT support UDP port setting for...
  8. yaroslavik

    Help Plex, biblioteka z rtorrenta...

    Witam. Jesli zapodam do plexa caly katalog rdownload z rtorrenta,jako jedna biblioteka, to nie będzie plex miał problemów ze skanowaniem tego? Jeśli rtorrent tworzy tam hard linki, to jak plex to widzi?
  9. yaroslavik

    Help Rtorrent-przekroczono czas odpowiedzi..

    Witam. Rtorrent wersja 0.9.8-B801 Od poprzedniej aktualizacji: notoryczne komunikaty-przekroczono czas na odpowiedź rtorrent..(co kilka i kilkanaście minut). powolne ładowanie interfejsu do przeglądarki. Zatrzymanie usługi,ponowne uruchomienie-nic nie daje. Restart qnapa również...
  10. Silas Mariusz

    Rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.8-BB02

    Rtorrent-Pro (Intel/AMD only) Faster, safer and smarter! NOW 50% DISCOUNT Time to say "Goodbye uTorrent" and move on to QNAP NAS For anyone looking for an alternative to μTorrent® (uTorrent) on PC that looks similar but lacks the bloat, rtorrent-Pro has a lot to offer. rtorrent-Pro is...
  11. HA4g3n

    Help Supported firmware?

    Hi, I can only find that rtorrent pro supports x64 CPU but what about the QTS 5.0 firmware? And more specifically: QTS build 20211221 Thanks in advance
  12. Lukasz1988

    Help scheduler has stopped working since an update or 2 ago

    hi there since an update or 2 ago my scheduler has stopped working any ideas how to fix it? ive tried disable and enable it but it doesnt work. it just doesnt change speeds regardless what setting i set it to
  13. J

    Help rTorrent Pro with VPN: IP leak when connection is lost

    Hello All, as soon as the ethernet connection is disconnected, for example when the router upgrades and reboots, rTorrent always leaks the non-vpn ip of the internet connection .Even if the VPN network is configured as the default gateway. My guess is that this happens until the VPN is...
  14. P

    Help IPv6 support

    Hello, It seems my rTorrent-Pro client is unable to establish connection with IPv6-capable peers and it is currently working only with IPv4. I checked the output of netstat -tulpn and ports 6008 and 42000 are only listening on IPv4. Is this a bug or is IPv6 broken on my rTorrent version...
  15. gentillo

    Help Rtorrent problem z VPN

    Zainstalowałem program, ale ma problem który wynika prawdopodobnie z usługi VPN którą wykorzystuje. Świeci się pomarańczowa kontrolka z błędem zamkniętego portu 42000. Wyłączenie VPN niweluje problem. Firmware version: 5 Model name: QNAP TS-253D
  16. S

    Help Not working with QTS5.0? (Relaunching... every minute)

    Model: TS-1677X Current firmware version: QTS Build 20211001 rTorrent-Pro version: 0.9.8-B800 ------------------------------------------- rTorrent-Pro 0.9.8-B800 was working perfectly with QTS build 20210923, but not working with QTS Build 20211001. Is there...
  17. wojtekdu

    Help Rtorrent przestał działać.

    Rtorrent przestał działać. Uruchamia się ale nie udostępnia, ani nie ściąga. Porty sprawdzałem na routerze. Otwarte. Proszę o pomoc. Wersja oprogramowania Firmware: Model serwera: QNAP TS-251
  18. HA4g3n

    Help rtorrent - configuration file

    Model name: QNAP 873e Hi, 1. Where is the rtorrent config file when using Rtorrent Pro since i need to configure the watch dir with variables or how could this be made? Template variables: {DIR}: If there is a variable directory =/usr/p2p/downloads in rtorrent.rc And new torrent is saved...
  19. M

    Help rtorrent stopped downloading/seeding

    Hi, Rtorrent was working fine and sudenly has doesn't download or share anything. I''ve seen this post Help - rtorrent-Pro has stopped all downloading were it says: Stop rtorrent. Go to the Download/rtorrent or Rdownload share and make a copy of session directory where are sessions are...
  20. slavko80

    Help rtorrent - TS 230

    Czy na najtańszym 2-zatokowym modelu TS-230 (TS-230 | Ciesz się przyjaznym dla budżetu centrum plików i domowym centrum multimedialnym) jest możliwość zainstalowania aplikacji rtorrent-Pro?