Network Share How-To change downloaded data path to another disk volume

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Apr 5, 2008
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default download path In stock QNAP's applications a default Download share is used to save downloaded data from the Internet. Download share location is always static and only on the first initiated disk volume. In the default configuration, Rtorrent also uses the Download network share.

however ... ..., you can specify a different base location for files saved by rtorrent-Pro. To do this, create a network share named Rdownload and specify the target disk volume. (KB: Warning log - rtorrent-Pro: [Rdownload] share not found or not ready. Using [Download] share instead.)

NOTE: Remember to stop rtorrent-Pro when creating a new network share, and restart after it. The Rdownload network share is considered to be superior to the Download network share and from that moment, rtorrent will no longer use the Download network share.

Create Rdownload share as a new download base path.
  1. Make sure to stop rtorrent-Pro first.
    To do this, go to App Center and stop rtorrent-Pro
  2. Create network share "Rdownload"
    In QTS go to Control Panel > Privilege > Shared Folders and click on Shared Folder tab, then bellow tab bar click on a Create button and select Shared Folder.
  3. Type in the fields:
    • Folder Name: Rdownload
    • Disk Volume: [select any disk volume]
  4. Click Create button
  5. Go to App Center and start rtorrent-Pro again.
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