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Silas Mariusz

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
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QTS 4.2.6 build 20200109

- QNAP only provides limited support (mainly security updates) for the following models: SS-439 Pro, SS-839 Pro, TS-110, TS-210, TS-239 Pro, TS-239 Pro II, TS-239 Pro II+, TS-239H, TS-259 Pro, TS-259 Pro+, TS-269H, TS-410, TS-410U, TS-439 Pro, TS-439 Pro II, TS-439 Pro II+, TS-439U-RP/ SP, TS-459 Pro, TS-459 Pro II, TS-459 Pro+, TS-459U-RP/SP, TS-459U-RP+/SP+, TS-509 Pro, TS-559 Pro, TS-559 Pro II, TS-559 Pro+, TS-639 Pro, TS-659 Pro, TS-659 Pro II, TS-659 Pro+, TS-809 Pro, TS-809U-RP, TS-859 Pro, TS-859 Pro+, TS-859U-RP, TS-859U-RP+.

[Important Notes]
- For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit Product Support Status :: QNAP

[Fixed Issues]
- Fixed a command injection vulnerability (CVE-2018-19949).
- Fixed a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability in user description (CVE-2018-19953).
- Fixed a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability in File Station (CVE-2018-19943).
- Fixed multiple vulnerabilities in PHP: arbitrary command injection (CVE-2018-19518), denial of service (CVE-2018-19935), and heap buffer over-read (CVE-2018-20783).
- Fixed a vulnerability concerning PHP unsupported version detection.


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