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Nov 8, 2013
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QTS build 20191206

[Important Notes]
- For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit Product Support Status :: QNAP
- We have fixed the vulnerabilities in the following apps to ensure your data security: Surveillance Station, QVPN Service, Qfiling, Qsync Central, QcalAgent, and IFTTT Agent. To continue using these apps, go to the App Center and update them to the latest version.
- For more information on the kernel versions for NAS models that QTS 4.4.1 supports, see QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS)
- Removed the following applications from App Center due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1: "phpEasyProject", "Dolphin", "CMS Made Simple", "Vtiger CRM", "iStat", "PostgreSQL", and "ownCloud".
- Due to PHP 7 updates in QTS 4.4.1, PostgreSQL can no longer work with phpPgAdmin. If you use phpPgAdmin to manage your data, ensure that you have exported the data before updating QTS. To transfer your data from PostgreSQL to 11.4.1, you must manually export and then import the data.
- Due to compatibility issues, the following applications have been removed from the App Center in QTS 4.4.1: FileFlex, MantisBT, SugarCRM, Xeams, and DokuWiki.
- Once you update QTS to 4.4.1 (or later) on the TS-1635AX, you will not be able to downgrade QTS to versions earlier than 4.4.1.
- Removed support for Plex Home Theater from HybridDesk Station.

[New features]
- VJBOD Cloud now supports configuring resource settings for each connection.
- VJBOD Cloud now supports forcing a cloud volume or LUN to transfer from a malfunctioning NAS to another NAS.
- VJBOD Cloud now supports encrypting cloud volumes.
- VJBOD Cloud now supports expanding cloud volumes.
- VJBOD Cloud now supports the DigitalOcean cloud service.

Storage management
- Added support for the external RAID device QDA-U2MP.

[Fixed Issues]
- The output of the "/proc/meminfo" command would still include non-zero writeback memory values after iSCSI storage tests were completed.
- PPPoE would not be selected as the system default gateway even when users completed the PPPoE configuration.
- Some 4K photos uploaded to the NAS would be upside down when users enabled "Generate large thumbnails for high-resolution displays" in Multimedia Console.
- On macOS, QNAP External RAID Manager would show the status of the TR-004 as "unrecognized" even though users could access files on the TR-004.
- Users without access permissions could still access restricted folders in Photo Station.
- Users could not upload large files to the Google Drive cloud service mounted in File Station.
- Administrator users that were not "admin" could not download files in Snapshot Manager.
- VLAN interfaces could not obtain IP addresses on the ARM-based models with Annapurna Labs processors.
- File creation dates would change after users modified and saved files via Samba.
- The CPU-Z benchmark for Windows 10 virtual machines on the TDS-16489U was lower than expected.
- Users could not download files from Qsync team folders in File Station.
- QTS would stop responding when users copied a volume snapshot, and the cloned volume would have the same name as the original volume.
- Users could not create share link for Qsync team folders in File Station.
- Storage & Snapshots could not display the statistics for Qtier auto-tiering.
- Storage & Snapshots would stop responding when users browsed the Snapshot section using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
- System sound volume would sometimes reach the maximum value after users installed Media Streaming Add-on and then restarted the NAS.
- Share links created in File Station would not include external port numbers.
- An unexpected discrepancy between the NAS system time and the actual device time would cause the 2-step verification to fail.