TS-409/Pro Official Firmware (Version 2.0.1 Build 0226)

Silas Mariusz

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Apr 5, 2008
Nowy Sącz
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Hi Guys,

We are announcing the v2.0.1 Build 0226 an official release and it is currently the most stable build
since TS-409 first came out. For all the TS-409 users out there you are strongly recommended to
update to this one to gain better system performance, several bug fixes and overall stability.




Release date:

Revision, Build:
2.0.1 Build 0226

What's new?
- Upgrade Joomla! to V1.5.1.
- Upgrade TwonkyMedia to V4.4.4 RC.
- Add "Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish" GUI.

- Enhanced the brightness of the light indicator of SATA HDD.
- Improved the performance when transferring small size files via FTP.

Major Bug Fixes:
- Fixed unable to remove files in AFP-mapped share when recycle bin is enabled.
- Fixed the errors occurred when '---' is selected in 'Settings' - 'SMART test schedule'.
- Fixed Settings to stop logging in 'Connection log' does not apply after reboot.
- Fixed HDD is unable to go into sleep mode.
- Corrected string characters in option 'Enable hard disk standby mode under 'Hardware settings" page.
- Fixed possible flash damage may occurred on power loss.
- Fixed unable to detect the drive after a cold reboot.
- Fixed Firefox unable to open Microsoft Office 2007 files via WFM.
- Fixed unable to re-connect in FTP when transferring lots small files while connection log is enabled.
- Fixed compatibility issues with TviX HD Player.
- Fixed intensive CPU usage when running multiple BT download jobs causes system to hang or freeze.
- Fixed several incorrect string characters in italian language Administration page.
- Fixed certain WD hard drives might not be recognized by the system while booting up. (*1)


(*1) For more details, please check TS-409 Series HDD Troubleshooting Guide here.

Download sites:
TS-409 Pro Turbo NAS
Mirror 1: United States
Mirror 2: Europe
Mirror 3: Taiwan

TS-409 Turbo NAS
Mirror 1: United States
Mirror 2: Europe
Mirror 3: Taiwan