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Feb 20, 2022
802.11a (Wi-Fi 2)
the upnp stop working after 24h, i get not conectable
every 24h i must stop rtorrent and start, then port is again open.
What is the problem?
No router no restarts, i have S also with upnp and upnp works there no problems, S 1 month 24/7 upnp port works no problems.
It is provider settings blocked i can only activate upnp.
I cannot put manual port open, so i must have upnp working, but rtorrent opens port only when starting after that maybe router blocks after 24h port, but rtorrent should then restart upnp port automaticaly or check self if port get closed, im not expert, i just know with S ds station it worked without problems.
Yes i know its not secure, my provider block access to router, i can only choose dmz or upnp but , its like choosing between pest and cholera. :(
Well i dont care if this works on other vendors :) i'm not gonna flood router with same forwarding rules unlimited times.
This still sounds like router issue.
DMZ is fine since you have QuFirewall and you can decide about which ports should be opened and which not.

However Rtorrent-Pro is ready for such things.

1. Download WebCrontab
2. Add to webcrontab new task every 5 minutes
3. Execute /usr/bin/rtorrent/etc/def.p/ add_upnp

You should fix your ISP issues ASAP!

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