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Feb 3, 2024
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I'm reading a lot of post, but sorry I can't find the correct answer...
I'm having an issue with rtorrent and the VPN. After reading conflicting information and trying multiple configurations, I've gotten a bit lost. I have a VPN provider: ProtonVPN, which allows me to do port forwarding. It seems that I can't manually set the open port on the ProtonVPN side. What I understood is that rtorrent can handle the open port configuration automatically through the automatic port forwarding feature. Sometimes I read that I should enable UPnP and NAT-PMP, then sometimes not. Another thing, what do we set on the rtorrent client side? In the connection section: do we check to open the listening port? What port do we use? 12000-12000? Do we check random port selection? Does anyone have the complete setup for using rtorrent behind a VPN?

Thanks in advance for your responses.
Cześć Ziomek.
Nie wiem jak sobie wyobrażasz otwieranie portów za VPNem. Bo w VPN chodzi o to, żeby się ukryć a Ty niby chcesz się ukryć, a z drugiej strony pokazujesz gdzie jesteś. Dla mnie to nie ma sensu. Standardowo rtorrent nasłuchuje na 42000.
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Hi, the VPN is for hide my IP and my vpn provider permit the port forwarding.... I don't understand your answer
Ja doskonale wiem do czego jest VPN - ale dzięki za krótkie wyjaśnienie. Moje pytanie - po co Ci przekierowanie portów?
Je sais parfaitement à quoi sert un VPN - mais merci pour la brève explication. Ma question : pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'une redirection de port ?
for the torrent exchange
No to kierujesz sobie port 42000 w dostawcy VPNa, potem u siebie na routerze też 42000 na wewnętrzny adres IP Qnapa - do tego wszystkiego potrzebujesz zewnętrze IP.
42000 est le port d'écoute et il n'est pas ouvert depuis mon fournisseur VPN
W ustawieniach rtorrent zmień na inny i ta sama zasada - nie ma znaczenia jaki port.
This is is the biggest problem of VPN providers. They does not allow to forward port 1:1. And if this happens you are unable to seed torrent correctly.
Make sure VPN provider allows you to forward 42000 ---> 42000 and so on do the same forwarding on you router.
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and one more thing... someone using VPN on public trackers does not care about seeding.
but if you use private trackers then mostly VPN connections are banned or speed is not enough for proper speeding
Salut Silas !
Merci de me répondre ! J'aime votre application et je l'utilise depuis de nombreuses années ! c'est nouveau pour moi l'utilisation du VPN pour votre application. Mon fournisseur VPN ouvre un port aléatoire pour le transfert de port, je ne peux pas le choisir.
In this case we cannot do nothing. Because Rtorrent tells tracker on which port you are available lets say 42000, and your VPN gaves you random port. So at the end seeds will try connect 42000 instead unknown and random port known only by you and your VPN provider.
Au fait mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi il y a une section paramètre dans les paramètres du serveur : transfert automatique de port ?
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Au fait mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi il y a une section paramètre dans les paramètres du serveur : transfert automatique de port ?
sorry google translate my words.... so i said : Ok but i don't understand why there's a config section on the server : automatic port forwading ?
But the current design will not support different gateways.

/usr/bin/rtorrent/bin/upnpc -L

The only one way is that you have to map ports 1:1 on your provider instead.
Hi tofito69,

I have had endless problems with this as well, what finally worked for me was a different VPN provider. I now use PrivateVPN, and after some chats to their support people, I have my VPN and rtorrent-Pro working well together. It seems PrivateVPN have several dedicated IP servers which have all ports open (except for 80, webhosting and known malicious ports). The configuration for these servers is through OpenVPN and quite simple to setup through Silas' guide here Bezpieczeństwo - How to correctly use VPN tunnel with rtorrent-Pro?
Perhaps you can get similar through ProtonVPN, otherwise a switch to PrivateVPN might be a solution. Best of luck

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