1. espiman

    Help External scripts

    Hi. The first thing to say that this software is fantastic, congratulations. I have modified the /usr/bin/rtorrent/etc/rtorrent.conf.tpl/include_external_scripts.tpl script by changing the $d.base_path tag to $ tag With the $d.base_path tag I didn't get any value. Will this change...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Warning log DHT default port 6881 is already in use. Perhaps an another downloader is already running ...

    Symptoms: Get warning message in system Events log during start of rtorrent-Pro: Cause Warning notification: DHT service is unable to start Resolution: Please change DHT port to next available. Optional: Uninstall Download Station or other torrent downloader.
  3. vibrate

    Help Share name and default folders structure in 'watch' and 'complete'

    Hi I notice that the watch and complete folders are populated with a bunch of organisational folders by default (anime, couchpotato, game etc), and if I delete these they repopulate when rTorrent is re-launched. I have my own way of organising my folders and download directories and these...
  4. level42

    Help Understanding the default download folder process...

    So, I'm trying to understand how this Rdownload share folder works. I've been using rtorrent QNAP for many many years, but I've always done my own torrent download processing. This usually entails of the following: I have a custom shared folder setup for each tracker, and each torrent I...
  5. Aergernis

    Help Can't set default download folder in settings

    Hi, i've switched from a older version (0.9.6/0.21.5) to 0.9.7 /0.43.0 and can't find the option to set default download folder with advanced ui. I'm sure there was an option in there.
  6. Silas Mariusz

    User name and/or Password During install/upgrade get warning: "Default username and password.." or "There is no account set.."

    Symptoms: When installing or upgrading rtorrent get warning from QTS: or ... Default credentials: Default user name: rtorrent Default password: admin Cause This is safety reminder for user to change both user name and password in rtorrent UI settings and also in alternative Flood UI...
  7. perillas

    Help duplicates when change default download folder

    Hi, When I changed default download folder to another, when I download anything appears two copies one in the default folder and other in the configured folder. Thank you
  8. zito

    Help Default Policy @ iSCSI ACL (LUN Masking)

    Cześć! krótkie pytanie: czy możecie skutecznie zmieniać domyślną regułę w iSCSI ACL??? - Jej systemowe ustawienie to domyślny allow do zapisu i odczytu dla każdego inicjatora - można default policy edytować - ale nieważne co ustawimy i tak zostaje ostatecznie allows for all ! - tylko ja qrna...