media library

  1. Silas Mariusz

    Hint How to download torrents to be ignored by media library post processing?

    Q: How to download torrents to be ignored by media library post processing? A: Simply. Save .torrent files in seed label using watch directory.
  2. Alex

    Help How to configure Media Library hardlink

    Hello Last night i realize that the rtorrent-pro are not creating hardlink the my downloaded movies, but it is copying them to rtorrent MediaLibrary folders. How do i configure the MediaLibrary to only make hardlink to my movies? Thanks in advance Firmware version: Build 20200410...
  3. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Media Library structure (4K/UHD auto detection)

    Media Library Directories Structure Understand directories corresponding to the download labels and media content type What is Media Library? Media Library is organized structure of downloaded media content which looks good and elegant, compilant with Kodi, Plex and Emby. Automatically...
  4. O

    Help Media Library Not Extracting & Moving Content

    English Firmware version: "Latest Version" Model name: QNAP TS-453A Rtorrent-Pro "Latest Version" Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am having an issue with media library extracting my files & moving them to the medialibrary folder. It seems like it stopped...
  5. Silas Mariusz

    How to properly setup Media Library/install Filebot?

    Symptoms: Get warning message in rtorrent-Pro settings: External filebot found, but it's Unregistered version. Until FileBot gets valid license, media library will be build using old and deprecated FileBot tool. Obtain FileBot license to unlock all Media Library automation features. Buy...
  6. J

    Help Creating new Hardlink to existing Media Library

    Hi, I am a new user of rTorrent and absolutely love it! I have been playing around with the configuration and have a question regarding Hardlinking. I understand the location paths have been hard coded for Downloads, Complete and Media Library and understand the reason for Downloads and...
  7. Silas Mariusz

    Media Library/Filebot How-To: Manually use Filebot to post process any media on disk?

    Usage scenario: Have old media files (movies, tv, anime...) not processed yet and not added into media library Just to see result how Filebot works Follow these steps: Using SSH terminal (eg. PuTTY) connect to your QNAP NAS Execute: /usr/bin/rtorrent/bin/
  8. RJNewbyte

    Help Automated Media Library - how to migrate my old data?

    Good afternoon With the recent update and the new functionality of "Automated Media Library" (amazing ;)), I started using Filebot and hardlink on my downloads. The problem I have is that it works perfectly with the new downloads, but I would like to launch the command line on certain...