1. deeway81

    Help rTorrent ... pay PayPal?

    Hi is it possible to pay rtorrent via paypal ? thx Dee
  2. trungqnguyen

    Help Unable to install rtorrent pro

    Hi, after having a few issues with with speed in rtorrent pro I decided to upgrade the old version to the most recent rtorrent pro release. When I tried to install via the web interface (on top of the current version) I received an error message "The following could not be installed. Please see...
  3. Q

    Help How to buy this now?

    how to buy this with PayPal now T
  4. d97

    Help Problems with 0.9.7-A725

    Firmware version: Model name: QNAP TS-251A I have several problems with the last update. 1) When I have the tab open with rTorrent it freezes and does not update as before, when it updates again or I press F5 the speeds have dropped to zero and have to go back up. This has never...
  5. RaRe1

    Help Getting Started / Couchpotatoe leads to 404

    <-- Please remind: English only. Don't forget to delete this line when writing post and fill FW version and model name bellow. --> Firmware version: Build 2020/06/08 Model name: QNAP TS-1079Pro RTorrent 0.9.7.A725 https://XX.XX.XX.XX.:6008/guide_couchpotato.html leads to 404. I...
  6. G

    Help rtorrent_0.9.7-A624_x86_64 - weird error after upgarde - please assist

    Hi Silas, Love your work. Today, I saw your major update for rtorrent_0.9.7-A624_x86_64.qpkg and bit the bullet and updated from rtorrent_0.9.6-0303-180303_x86_64. I had over 100 torrents uploading and after upgrading I now only have 1 torrent on the list, bummer if the rest can't be...
  7. H

    Help QNAP TS-559 Pro+ : Failed to installrtorrent-Pro

    Firmware version: 4.2.6 Model name: QNAP TS-559 Pro+ hi, I cannot install torrent-Pro on my NAS. Error: "Failed to install torrent-Pro Upgrade QTS to 4.3 or a newer compatible version" But the last QTS-Version ist 4.2.6 ..... Please help. regards Stephan
  8. K

    I downloaded and installed the Qfix for...

    I downloaded and installed the Qfix for high-speed fan issue. After installation my TS-453A rebooted but after 2 hours now it still displaying: Rebooting system please wait.... Please advise!
  9. dexter

    Help Połączenie OpenVPN z serwerem VPN na QNAP TS-453A

    Witam wszystkich Potrzebuję pomocy w konfiguracji połączenia VPN z moim serwerem. Generalnie mam problem z każdym typem połączenia VPN ale dla przykładu przedstawię konfigurację dla OpenVPN. QNAP: Adres interfejsu eth2 to Po zapisaniu i pobraniu plików konfiguracyjnych mam...