Help Problems with 0.9.7-A725


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Oct 7, 2016
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Firmware version:
Model name: QNAP TS-251A

I have several problems with the last update.

1) When I have the tab open with rTorrent it freezes and does not update as before, when it updates again or I press F5 the speeds have dropped to zero and have to go back up. This has never happened.

2) another problem, it is impossible for me to send the automatic torrents from medusa, sickrage or sickbear.

3) If I send the torrent from couchpotato in rtorrent it stops at 353453534.meta and if by chance it passes the goal and puts the name of the movie, the download will be in the default location not where I have chosen in couchpotato and neither label that I have put

Please I have been using rtorrent for many years and I would not like to change it for anything in the world
I can't remember exactly, but every time you update I update.
I should stick with the one that worked well for me but it's been a long time and I always think the next one will work better
I have updated to the 0.9.7-A825 and it continues to stop downloading and the speeds return to zero, 2 minutes pass and it works again.
It is very random, you have to be aware to realize I look at the Qnap that the lights stay fixed and that is when I go to the tab and it is frozen. Even if you connect, I don't know when it will happen exactly.
Closing topic, reason:
Okey I reinstall latest version and the feeds and all the Rss Manager ist back again :uf: and i try medusa whit scgi://localhost:19000 and conect. And i discover what is the problem. Label work perfect but! when you try to use Downloaded files location and use location the torrent dont work and only see 24345665.meta

The problem location file and is indispensable for organice all whit plex and kodi folders.

Thanks for all i hope this mean something for you. :Dowidzenia:

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