Help How can I limit the amount of simultaneous downloads that rTorrent Pro will download.

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Jun 5, 2022
100 Mbps
I am new to qnap and ssh so would appreciate if you could help me. I heard that I would need to edit the rtorrent.rc file using ssh but I have no idea how to do this. I have over 1000 downloads going and rtorrent is trying to download all at once and it is very annoying as they are so slow. I would like to restrict to maybe 10 at a time.
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This is not possible. If you need queue manager you should use different torrent client. Queue manager conflicts with private trackers and do Hit'n'Run which is not allowed. There will be no feature like that.
This is the app that I regard making the purchase.

Why is that a problem to have a queue manager? Why does it have anything to do with Hit'n'Run? You certainly can enforce the app to dequeue when the torrent reaches the share ratio and move on to the next torrent in queue. The app forces you to be gentle on how many torrents you put into it or you might end up keeping on maximizing your system resource (whatever the number is showing on the bottom of the UI, it almost keeps running on 100%). Consider the money wasted and move on to qBittorrent and can't be happier.
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