1. Ondrej2005

    Pytanie przed zakupem R-Torrent-Pro

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and couldn't find another section to write my question for. I am a user who has used uTorrent on a PC with Win Server 2022. And now I have purchased QNAP and searched the forum for instructions on how to easily install the cool Rtorrent-Pro application on my new AMD...
  2. P

    Help How can I limit the amount of simultaneous downloads that rTorrent Pro will download.

    I am new to qnap and ssh so would appreciate if you could help me. I heard that I would need to edit the rtorrent.rc file using ssh but I have no idea how to do this. I have over 1000 downloads going and rtorrent is trying to download all at once and it is very annoying as they are so slow. I...
  3. U

    How-To Kombajn do pobierania i zarządzania multimediami - konfiguracja qbitorrent

    Zakładam ze umiesz znaleść qBitorrenta którego zainstalowałeś w dockerze i przekierowałes w końcu DATA port , jak wspomniałem w notatkach. Trzeba pamiętać, że kontener qBitorrent widzi swój folder /data jako QNAPowy folder /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA Cokolwiek będzie stworzone/usunięte przez...
  4. Silas Mariusz

    Hint The difference between torrenting on a PC and NAS - Common issues, Best Practices

    The difference between Torrenting & Torrenting Purpose The main advantage of Rtorrent-Pro on a NAS is a: new, more efficient way to manage and download torrents, handle up to several thousand of torrents jobs at the same time, keep torrents seeding as long as needed even if user decided to...
  5. M

    Help Trial version available?

    Right now I use uTorrent. I have a nice automated setup but it requires a dedicated PC to be left on as my "downloads machine" and I'd like to remove this piece of hardware and instead use rtorrent on my TS-453. Before I bite the bullet and pay the 15 euros, I'd like to know it can handle...
  6. QNAP

    Download Unpackerr

    Nowa aplikacja QPKG w sklepie Qnapclub Store: Unpackerr Extracts downloads for Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr - Deletes extracted files after import Daemon launched on QPKG startup before use edit /opt/Unpackerr/unpackerr.conf to fit on your need and restart QPKG from Appcenter This...
  7. Damian

    Konfiguracja dockerów

    Cześć, mam taki docker-compose.yml:version: "3" services: pihole: container_name: pihole image: pihole/pihole:latest restart: always networks: default: ipv4_address: ports: - "53:53/tcp" - "53:53/udp" - "67:67/udp" -...
  8. Iceman_jkh

    Help Problem when using sonarr/radarr save to Directory.

    Hi, Hope you are staying safe! I may have found a bug in rutorrent when using the 'directory' setting from radarr/sonarr...or I'm just not using it correctly. When I don't use a save to Directory (i.e.:field is left blank), the files/folders always (or at least 95%) get moved to the...
  9. B

    Help Auto Tools

    I am very new to using rTorrent on my qnas. I have been looking everywhere on the forum to figure out how to use autotool. I am not good at coding or linux so many of the guides I have read to do make much sense to me. What i am trying to do is have all files start in a "Downloading" folder...
  10. Lukasz1988

    Help Finished torrent data is in both downloads and complete directory

    noticed this today when I finished a download normally all my downloading items are in /downloading when they finish they Goto complete for some reason it's keeping the complete downloads in downloading and putting another copy into complete any idea how to fix this? I would like it to download...
  11. RJNewbyte

    Help rtorrent-Pro labels for my movie downloads

    Very useful thx ! But when I tag "Film/1080" with: The download film appear in: What is wrong with the configuration to get the movie in the desired directory? Thx in advance, and sorry I am a newbi. :Dowidzenia:
  12. N

    Help Jak zainstalowac Twonky

    Wersja oprogramowania Firmware: Build 20170104 Model serwera: QNAP TS-251C Witam. Pytanie jak wyżej. W jaki sposób zainstalować Twonky dla QTS Według informacji Qnap-a wraz z nowym QTS Twonky utraciło wsparcie QNAP - QTS 4.3 Czy jest w takim razie możliwość instalacji...