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Mar 19, 2018
100 Mbps
I compared two BitTorrent clients to have some statistics.
Both are sedding more less 2K of torrents from the same tracker.
On uTorrent, I usually see a few hundreds of active connections, but rTorrent uses 3K-6K active connections.
It causes some problems with internet access because of an overloaded modem.
Can I change some settings? On uTorrent, I cant set a global maximum number of connections. Can I do this in rTorrent settings?
Tracker update time intervals are the same.

Firmware version: 4.4.1 Build 20200214
Model name: QNAP TS-853A
Rtorrent-Pro description:
rtorrent-Pro is a fast, easy to use torrent client with advanced features and simplified managment working quietly in a background, but utilizing maximum as can network bandwidth.

So its a standard for rtorrent-Pro.

Played with these settings already?
Hi Mariusz,
Yes, I love rTorrent-Pro, especially for working quietly in the background.
But in some cases, I have to tune settings to the number of torrents, bandwidth and hardware performance.
Bandwidth is not a problem, but a huge number of connections as I wrote is overloading my weak modem.
Peers and seeds are also not big problems because very often I don't upload any data and the client has thousand of active connections only to refresh tracker. I can limit the global number of connections in different client and I expect "qued for seeding" status but it is rare.
The general question is how to limit the number of connections when the client is idle to prevent overloading connection limits.
Is this possible?
Router is Mikrotik, but I have problems with ISP modem. It stops working after 2K-3K active connections
I am limiting connections for rTorrent with my Firewall rules.

[admin@CCR1009] > ip firewall connection print count where src-address~"<uTorrentIP>"
[admin@CCR1009] > ip firewall connection print count where src-address~"<rTorrentIP>"

In uTorrent, I can limit connections globally (often is not needed, it is limited to 600, now is using 374)
rTorrent with more less the same number of torrents can generate even 3-5K of active connections.





Any ideas?
Not really.
rtorrent was never designed for queueing or limitting connections. Really dont know how to help you.

FYI: Released in 2002, Linksys WRT54GL had buffer that allowed for 16535 TCP connections at same time and you say 1160 connections are too much. Maybe your modem is broken?
No, my ISP replaced modem last time.
The rule is very simple. When many people is also trying to connect my torrents afternoon (download is not scheduled ).
Even when nothing is uploaded it is killing my network connection.
Ok, I will figure out how to fix it somehow.
Problem solved.
Block list causing this problem in some cases.
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