1. R

    Help Error filebot after update

    Buenas, tengo un problema parecido al (Pomoc - New medialibrary do not process language: Chinese), he intentado responder a ese post, pero el sistema no me deja Antes funcionaba perfectamente (tenía la versión Cuando compré y actualicé con la versión de este foro comencé a obtener...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Warning log filebot-available: Rtorrent-Pro reports: Filebot not found. Please install java and filebot correctly:

    Symptoms: After torrent download complete there is an warning in QNAP Events logs: Or when opening Rtorrent-Pro settings there is red note: Cause: Rtorrent-Pro works fine and nothing is wrong, you may ignore this. However built-in medialibrary feature, says it might be improved very well...
  3. Adrienne Rose

    Filebot 4.9.6

    FileBot is the ultimate tool for renaming and organizing your movies, TV shows and Anime. Match and rename media files against online databases, download artwork and cover images, fetch subtitles, write metadata, and more, all at once in matter of seconds. It's smart and just works...
  4. Aergernis

    Help Disable changing filebot link

    Hi, is there a way to disable the linking to the integrated filebot version, when filebot is already installed on qnap? I'm having toubleusing the version that comes with rtorrent and want to use 4.9.2. Sadly the link in /usr/bin gets overwritten to /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/rtorrent/env when...
  5. A

    Help Filebot error message

    Hey, im completly new to rrtorrent but it's great so far. Im seeing a few error messages in my log: The file is sorted to "unsorted". Can someone tell me why? Thx. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (medialibrary-fix_kodi_tvshows) PID: 10455...
  6. A

    Help Removing medialibrary and filebot

    Hello, How do I remove medialibrary and filebot completely from Rtorrent pro? The java process is taking up 60 - 100% of the CPU on a fresh install and as I understand it, those are the pieces that use java. Thanks Firmware version: Build 20191206 Model name: QNAP TS-451+
  7. Kreonium

    Help Autotools, Filebot and Group Version

    Is it possible for the filebot to make the version accordingly? Example: moviename (2019) UHD moviename (2019) 1080p What i notes, if is downloaded two movies where one is 1080p and second is UHD, depence which one is finished first this one is going to multimedia/movie folder but second one is...
  8. Haskell

    Help Kodi problem with FileBot

    There's a problem I've been tracking down for a couple of days now, and the result of this problem is that Kodi doesn't not scan TV Shows that get processed via FileBot into the library, and I posted a thread about it over at Kodi forums to find out that the cause of it is that the `tvshow.nfo`...
  9. Silas Mariusz

    rtorrent-Pro DO NOT need FileBot and Java anymore

    NOTE: rtorrent-Pro do not relay on external FileBot and Java anymore.
  10. Silas Mariusz

    Filebot license has expired. Trial full functionality license is automatically renewed for a next...

    Symptoms: Get warning message in system Events log during start of rtorrent-Pro: Cause Only notification: This is notification only suggesting to support FileBot developer and to switch to commercial license. Recommended. Resolution: Buy FileBot commercial license and save received...
  11. Silas Mariusz

    How to properly setup Media Library/install Filebot?

    Symptoms: Get warning message in rtorrent-Pro settings: External filebot found, but it's Unregistered version. Until FileBot gets valid license, media library will be build using old and deprecated FileBot tool. Obtain FileBot license to unlock all Media Library automation features. Buy...
  12. alladyn21

    Help Problem z uruchomieniem filebot

    Witam Zainstalowalem filebot Node ale niestety nie mogę go uruchomić, paczka node też zainstalowana. Do tego jak ustawić w rtorrent aby uznawał zadania torrent jako zakończone po 24h sedowania? " Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance...
  13. Silas Mariusz

    Media Library/Filebot How-To: Manually use Filebot to post process any media on disk?

    Usage scenario: Have old media files (movies, tv, anime...) not processed yet and not added into media library Just to see result how Filebot works Follow these steps: Using SSH terminal (eg. PuTTY) connect to your QNAP NAS Execute: /usr/bin/rtorrent/bin/
  14. jsjcjsjc

    Help is there any instruction how to use filebot ?

    I have Purchased filebot in the picture below, but rtorrent-pro did not download subtitles for all of the movies, and there are many Unsorted on the media folder, shoud I change somehing to fix them? thanks a lot
  15. V

    Help FileBot respository

    Guys, is the filebot repo working for you ? I see that nobody has this trouble, is it possible that I am the only one ? Rgds, Firmware version: 4.3.4 Build 20180810 Model name: QNAP TS-453A
  16. RJNewbyte

    Help [Suggestion] Drop-down list with more options Filebot, AMC

    Good afternoon I just edited the "" to add my language to the identification of my collection (--lang = es) via SSH. I have a suggestion for future improvement, add a dropdown list or something similar with all the options of Filebot and AMC to the configuration screen...
  17. RJNewbyte

    Help Automated Media Library - how to migrate my old data?

    Good afternoon With the recent update and the new functionality of "Automated Media Library" (amazing ;)), I started using Filebot and hardlink on my downloads. The problem I have is that it works perfectly with the new downloads, but I would like to launch the command line on certain...