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Sep 28, 2022
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
Hi everyone,

I'm new here and couldn't find another section to write my question for.

I am a user who has used uTorrent on a PC with Win Server 2022. And now I have purchased QNAP and searched the forum for instructions on how to easily install the cool Rtorrent-Pro application on my new AMD CPU-based NAS?

I will buy the application because I will need it, but I wanted to see the instructions on how to install it.

Thank you very much for all your help.
Yes but make sure to understand few things:
1) Use 'watch' directory to start downloads
2) Configure notification about download complete - then you will not need to use UI anymore
3) Try to learn use labels when starting torrent downloads
Why use labels?
Well there is a difference between torrenting on a PC and torrenting on a NAS.
On a PC most users keep only few torrents.
When torrenting on NAS users keep tousands of active torrents.
So its better to sort them in categories like movies, tv shows, software and etc.
I strongly recommend to use labels always!
4) Please note that normal thing is that your torrent can be in multiple places in same times: downloads, complete and medialibrary and thats correct behavior.

Here are some important things you should understand:
1) During install/upgrade get warning: "Default username and password.." or "There is no account set.."
2) How-To change downloaded data path to another disk volume
3) Understand what are multiple downloads directories & hardlinks
4) How to easily start new downloads? (Watch directory)
5) if you will use Plex or you are movie/tvshows fan: Media Library structure (4K/UHD auto detection)

Best Practicies - The difference between torrenting on a PC and NAS - Common issues, Best Practices

Please also install Filebot package and Java package first.
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
Thanks guys! I appreciate it really much :)

And I'll ask when I have you here. I have been using the MKVToolNix program for several years. When I download a movie, I remove unnecessary language tracks for each one. But I couldn't find this app for QNAP. I'm not even aware of any alternative :-(

And then I save the file only with the selected language and possibly FORCED subtitles.
WTF ? Version 10 ? MkvToolnix is at version 70
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
I tried to install the new version of R-torrent, but it doesn't work. The old version is no longer available.

I have system version 4.2.6 on my test QNAP.

Does anyone have a version that works? I would like to try it out before running it on the new QNAP.


Thank you very much
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
I guess some 509/809 or x39 series based on Intel Atom or old Celeron.
Sorry, model is TS-509 with 3,5GB ramm and with a Celeron 1.6GHz processor replaced by Intel yesterday E5400.
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2013-0.9.3 build0703 - > projects > packages > rtorrent++ > releases > 2013-0.9.3 build0703
try this, however its not Rtorrent-Pro
Rtorrent-Pro is more advanced
WOW, it works perfectly. I'm starting to like QNAP :) I'm going to try.
Thank you
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
@Silas Mariusz I have a question for you as a QNAP specialist :) . I have the possibility to buy an older part of the model: TS-879U-RP, but I could not find anywhere what is the maximum possible disk capacity of 8 disks in frames with the latest firmware?

I would like to put 8x 18TB disks there and have this NAS only as a backup "box"
I found somewhere, but it is old information from 2013, that it is possible to have a maximum capacity of 46 or 48TB :-(

Thank you
Seems like this is very old unit too. Looks like last updates are 4.3.6 firmware. I dont recommend you to buy this one. Sorry.
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
Thank you
but expansion RACK unit: TL-R1200C-RP(USB)

What's the point.. I have a QNAP model ts-h1677xu-rp and I'm looking for a "box" for it, on which I could make my backups. I would ask. Can this external TL-R1200C-RP(USB) or: TL-D800C (USB)
turn itself off after performing a backup?

Can you set the disks to RAID0 or 1.5 via QTS?

Thx :)
Buy another QNAP TS unit - 2-3 hdds
Power it off and on at schedule

it's less trouble.
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  • TS-h1677XU-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, for testing TS-230
@Silas Mariusz :
I wanted to ask. So far I'm playing with the EC1680U test NAS and as a Windows user I'm a bit lost..

I powered up the NAS with one test failed drive. Everything is going ok. (just the drive is a little slow.. not solving now) I have done all the settings etc.. But now there is a question. I want to replace this slow 5400rpm HDD with an NVME SSD or another. And so I thought, how do I make a copy of the slow disk? When I remove the disk, some applications that are installed on that "system" disk cannot be launched. I thought that if I make a backup of the settings, then the backup will be a little bigger and will not be only about a few kilobytes :-(

Nowhere did I find an option like a 1:1 copy of the disc, with the fact that I would make an identical copy on a new single disc and then extract it :-(

Let's not take the disc field now, discs can be changed there via the settings. When will the disk that I need to replace be marked and confirmed.

Or does the initial setup have to be done, for example, with 10 disks set to RAID6.. and subsequently, in the case of adding fast disk storage for virtual machines, etc.. then SSD disks are inserted?

Thanks for any reply.

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