1. Ondrej2005

    Pytanie przed zakupem R-Torrent-Pro

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and couldn't find another section to write my question for. I am a user who has used uTorrent on a PC with Win Server 2022. And now I have purchased QNAP and searched the forum for instructions on how to easily install the cool Rtorrent-Pro application on my new AMD...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Manual Getting Started with Rtorrent-Pro - Default Configuration and Managing

    1. Configuring Rtorrent-Pro Main Settings 1.1 Logging In Open Rtorrent-Pro. On the toolbar in the right-top corner click SETTINGS button Network Common settings Bind interface Assign Rtorrent-Pro for specified LAN or VPN Listening port UDP trackers support DHT support UDP port setting for...
  3. chengdigger

    Help rTorrent-Pro - ipfilter/blocklist broken - can't seed/download

    It looks like the ipfilter blocklist is broken and contains rules to block all IP traffic. From https://silo.glasz.org/antip2p.list.gz Disabling the ipfilter in rTorrent fixes the issue. However, it would be nice to replace this feed with a working list.
  4. M

    Help QNAP TS-259 PRO - rtorrent-Pro?

    Hello, since I'm not sure, I prefer to ask in advance. Can you install rtorrent-Pro on a QNAP TS-259 PRO? Many thanks. Best regards, MM1973
  5. Marvin27

    Help Jak poprawnie zaktualizować rTorrent-Pro ?

    Firmware version: Build 20201108 Model name: QNAP TS-873 Pytanie - jak zaktualizować rTorrent-Pro ? Nie ma czegoś takiego jak przycisk "Aktualizuj" ? Tylko trzeba zainstalować ponownie ? Jeśli tak, to czy poprzednie ustawienia i torrenty nie przepadną ?
  6. M

    Help rTorrent-Pro Avalanche Problem

    Advanced and Flood view are working correctly but Avalanche view shows no information. It appears there are no torrents running in Avalanche when they are in fact working on Advanced and Flood. Firmware version: Model name: QNAP TS-451+
  7. M

    Help rTorrent-Pro (File Location Question)

    I just recently purchased rTorrent-Pro and I have been loving it so far. I have run into an issue though where after I set the download location, after a while, it will change the location back to the default. I read that to prevent this you can edit the rtorrent.rc file but I cant find it...
  8. K

    Help Is it possible to install it on my QNAP TS-332x?

    I bought rtorrent-Pro. Is it possible to install it on my QNAP TS-332x? I tried with older version of app too on Qnapclub Store: rtorrent. My firmware:
  9. Silas Mariusz

    Hint How to install Rtorrent-Pro on ARM-based QNAP NAS, eg. TS-231P

    Open Rtorrent-Pro app on QNAPClub.eu website: Qnapclub Store: rtorrent Click on the Old Releases tab Select release: 0.9.6-0417 ( 17-04-2019 ) Click on a TS-X41 package to download Install downloaded package manually from App Center in ARM-based NAP NAS
  10. Beca

    Help Zablokowany dostęp do rtorrent-Pro

    Jak odblokować dostęp do rtorrent-Pro. Hasła nie zmieniałem i dlatego jestem zaskoczony
  11. TranceDaddy

    Help Failed to download rtorrent-Pro

    Firmware version: Build 20200408 Model name: QNAP TS-469L After removing the rtorrent as per email before upgrading, I know can't seem to download as it keeps failing. Failed to download rtorrent-Pro from Qnapclub Store........ I have tried removing my key from App Center and...
  12. Artjablo

    Help rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.7-A702 - JS error: [undefined : 8376] TypeError: undefined is not an obj..

    I get errorors after updating according to the procedure - older version uninstalled and new one installed: JS error: [undefined : 8376] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.actLbls["flabel_cont"]') Mariusz, any suggestions?
  13. S

    Help Is Rtorrent-PRO Compatible with QNAP NAS TS-231

    Hi I’ve just download Rtorrent-PRO 0.97-A504_X86_64.QPKG, which is only version available on the website. I tried to install in on my NAS Firmware version: Build 20200608 Model name: QNAP TS-231 However I could not install the package correctly, the error message always showed...
  14. Ice

    Help rTorrent-Pro kilka pytań

    Cześć. Próbowałem kilku klientów, padło na Twój po pochlebnych recenzjach. Pierwsza instalacja na FloodUI się sypała, rtorrent się ciągle restartował. Postanowiłem od nowa zainstalować i korzystać z klasycznego „utorrenta”. 1. jeżeli nie chcę seedować, powinienem przekierować jakieś porty? 2...
  15. lord_yabol

    Help Blueray and DVD movies folder in rtorrent-Pro.

    Welcome, I use to watch movies PLEX and Kodi apps. Plex can't add to library and watch DVD and Blueray, so i watch this contents in KODI. Is it possible to add watch, download, complete and medialibrary folders (like movies, kids etc.) for DVD and Bluray separatelly? And after ...
  16. Silas Mariusz

    Manual How do ratio groups work?

    Each ratio group consists of 4 different conditions ( Min,% / Max,% / UL,MB / Time,h ) and an action. Whether the action of a ratio group will be triggered depends on which conditions have been satisfied. Whether an individual condition has been satisfied (for a particular torrent) depends on...
  17. moreChalk

    Help Execute.log - Log File Constantly Grows in Size

    Log file execute.log, located at /share/Rdownload/logs is constantly growing in size. File will grow until my machine runs out of space on Volume. I would like to know if there is setting that can cap the file size or not create the log file at all. Below is an example of the file size after...
  18. mavik

    Help Failed to install rtorrent, rtorrent-pro already uses this name. Uninstall rtorrent-pro before ...

    Witam. po uprzedniu odinstalowaniu utorrent chciałem zainstalować Torrent-pro. Pierwszy błąd który dostałem to. "Failed to install rtorrent, rtorrent-pro already uses this name. Uninstall rtorrent-pro before installing rtorrent." Po restarcie qnas i ponownej instalacji niby wszystko przebiegło...
  19. Silas Mariusz

    Disabling FloodUI to free up some CPU & RAM memory resources in QNAP

    Please upgrade rtorrent to 0.9.7-A212, where Flood UI service can be enabled/disabled from the settings. Using SSH please connect to your NAS Stop rtorrent-Pro: /etc/init.d/rtorrent.sh stop Change system platform in header of rtorrent.sh and set PLATFORM=x86_64_wo_flood Display current...
  20. Silas Mariusz

    Safety How to correctly use VPN tunnel with rtorrent-Pro?

    Open QTS Managment Panel and go into App Center Install QVPN2 service Once QVPN2 service was installed please follow official QNAP guide about QVPN2 How to set up and use QVPN 2.0 ? In final step you have to add VPN Client profiles: In the next step open rtorrent-Pro settings and...