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Transdroid/Transdrone is an application for Android devices that allows you to connect to and interact with your rtorrent-Pro on your QNAP NAS server. It allows you to monitor your downloads and uploads, as well as add new torrents and pause/resume existing ones, assign labels, view trackers and individual files, set priorities and much more! With a Data connection, you can control your downloads anywhere and at any time.

As for Transdroid/Transdrone itself, it's a very full-featured application, with a lot of a settings. As a result, it can be daunting to set up. This tutorial aims to walk users through the steps of installing the Transdroid/Transdrone app and connecting it to your rtorrent-Pro to be able to get even more mileage out of your QNAP NAS server.

a1. rtorrent-Pro Android client is available as:
  • 1) Transdrone
  • 2) Transdroid

a2. What's the difference?
  • 1) Transdrone is little brother of 2) Transdroid, but it's published and officially available in Google Play store.

  • 2) Transdroid is the same app as like 1) Transdrone is, but it offers bit more like integrated torrent search and RSS feeds which does not fit Google Play store rules so it requires manual steps to install it.

a3. So which one should I install?
  • If you don't need torrent search and RSS feeds on your Android Phone, then you should install Transdrone, which updates automatically from Google Play store.

  • But, when automatic updates are not necessary and instead of being up-to-date with the app you're looking for public torrent search and internal RSS feeds managed by Mobile Phone, then you should follow the steps in the part: Transdroid Installation.


[Transdroid Installation]
(Manual installation of Transdroid on Android device)

  1. Download the latest version of Transdroid directly to device.

    If you downloaded the .apk on your PC, you will need to transfer it to your device - you can do this by coping it over USB, emailing it to yourself or share it via a QNAP File Station.

  2. On your Android device, enter the Security settings and ensure that apps can be installed from Unknown Sources as shown above. This is necessary because the Transdroid app cannot be found in the Google Play store due to Google's terms of service.


    Open the .apk file that you copied or downloaded earlier.

    Review the permissions needed and click Next.

  3. Complete the instalation as shown above.
    When prompted, open the newly installed Transdroid app.

  1. Within the Transdroid app, select "Settings" in the upper right. For those using a phone, this option might be hidden in the menu, and can be found by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the same location.


    Mobile Phone:
    rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_1.png rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_2.png

  2. Select the "Add new server" option as highlighted above.


    Select the "Normal, custom server" option.


  3. rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_5.png
    You will be greeted with a blank configuration. There are many options which we must configure here, most of which are highlighted in the image on a right. We will now be filling them in one by one.

    Field: Name (Optional)
    Give your server a name by which you will easily be able to identify it., eg.: QNAP

    Field: Server type
    You will be presented by a list of different compatible torrent clients. Select from the list: rTorrent

    Field: IP or host name
    Type: QNAP NAS server Public IP address

    Field: User name
    Enter rtorrent-Pro user name (same one used in rtorrent-Pro Web UI)

    Field: Password
    Enter rtorrent-Pro user password (same one user password used in rtorrent-Pro Web UI)

    > Next, skip ahead to the 1.​ "Advanced settings" option. We need to make one change here in order to connect to your server.

  4. rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_6.png
    Look on top of the Advanced settings list. There is very often ignored by users, "Port number" setting which needs to be set.

    Field: Port number (Optional)
    Enter: 6009
    ; or ... 6008 - if "Use SSL (Connect using https)" is set on the bottom of Advanced settings list.

    - Yellow highlighted settings are optional. -

    - Read hints related to these settings on the screenshot image. -​

  5. rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_8.png
    All necessary configuration has been set.
    Happy leeching!

  6. rtorrent-Pro_Android_Client-Transdroid-Configuration_step_7.png
    Optional settings.

    Admin/Moderator internal note:
    TODO! More description about this feature required here!​

    Field: Base FTP(S) url (Optional)
    Provide full FTP(S) url to rtorrent downloads located in Download share of your QNAP NAS server.

    ftp://[username]@[NAS Public IP]:[FTP Port]/Download/rtorrent/downloads

    [username] is FTP user login with access permissions to Download share
    [NAS Public IP] is server Public IP address
    [FTP Port] is FTP service port number


    Field: FTP(S) Password
    Enter password for FTP username provided in base FTP(S) url.

    Thank you!
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Transdrone naprawili właśnie pod najnowszego androida, bo nie działał dłuższy czas.

Dodam jeszcze ze rTorrent działa w moim mniemaniu na super aplikacja jakim jest nzb360, po postulatach na forum autorów programu. Niestety program płatny i dość drogi.
Jest / będzie jakaś apka na iPadOS/iOS ?
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