1. Silas Mariusz

    Hint Events Notifications: Telegram Bot - Easy Guide Step-by-Step

    Open Telegram app and find @BotFather Type /start and then /newbot to create new bot. Enter unique name for the bot. Once you do that, bot should respond to you with token ID. Ctrl+C this token. Now create new channel on Telegram. Find a name and hit Create Edit channel and create...
  2. Silas Mariusz

    Hint The difference between torrenting on a PC and NAS - Common issues, Best Practices

    The difference between Torrenting & Torrenting Purpose The main advantage of Rtorrent-Pro on a NAS is a: new, more efficient way to manage and download torrents, handle up to several thousand of torrents jobs at the same time, keep torrents seeding as long as needed even if user decided to...
  3. Silas Mariusz

    Rtorrent-Pro [x86_64] 0.9.8-BB02

    Rtorrent-Pro (Intel/AMD only) Faster, safer and smarter! NOW 50% DISCOUNT Time to say "Goodbye uTorrent" and move on to QNAP NAS For anyone looking for an alternative to μTorrent® (uTorrent) on PC that looks similar but lacks the bloat, rtorrent-Pro has a lot to offer. rtorrent-Pro is...
  4. SuchyX

    Help Pomoc w wyborze klienta Torrent

    Witam proszę o pomoc w wyborze klienta do torcików. W chwili obecnej mam rTorrent ale powyżej 4k pozycji strasznie zamula. I tak się zastanawiam czy jest jakiś dobry klient który w miarę by żwawo działał?? Ewentualnie myślałem na dołożeniem jakiego dysku SSD pod cache tylko przyznam się bez...
  5. mockut

    Help "File exceedes the configured max file size". How to fix?

    Hi all! How to fix error "XMLRPC Error: File exceedes the configured max file size. [removewithdata]"? I have a torrent of 130Gb in size. It won't download and I even can't delete it. I have read something in google about max torrent size, but there is no such setting in GUI and i can not find...
  6. M

    Help Klient torrent dla QNAP z ARM

    Przez ostatnie 6 lat z powodzeniem używałem Transmission 2.84-b26. Szczególnie podobał mi się dodatek Torrentwatch. Ostatnio (zupełnie niepotrzebnie jak się później okazało) zrobiłem reset systemu. Zrobiłem przywracanie systemu z pliku, ale Transmission już nie działało. Po czym okazało się, że...
  7. WallyDream

    Help rTorrent Pro V0.9.7-A708 doesnt shows Torrent anymore ?

    Firmware version: Build 20200207 Model name: QNAP TVS-871 Hello, after I update Ta A708 I only see one or thwo of my 1800 Torrents... When i downgrade to my previous version everything is ok ? Here some log... tell me if you need more infos. [15.07.2020 13:51:32] WebUI started...
  8. TranceDaddy

    Help torrent_0.9.7-A702 not showing torrent when switch between Label and Downloads

    Firmware version: Build 20200408 Model name: QNAP TS-469L I have notice with the new version that if I am click on a label Singles - House it will show the torrents, and if I click on Downloading (0) it of course show what I have in there (0), but after that I can't click on a...
  9. Silas Mariusz

    Manual How to easily start new downloads? (Watch directory)

    How to easily start new downloads? While downloading any .torrent file from your favourite tracker, use Save As Dialog and... Browse to the watch directory Open My computer and browse network drive with the Download share. Make sure Download share is already mapped as network drive in your...
  10. A

    Help torrent is too large. please upload files up to 2mib

    i can't open a torrent bigger than 2M can you help?
  11. bulgar71

    Help Torrent przez VPN

    Witam wszystkich forumowiczów Mam pytanie odnośnie konfiguracji qbitorrent przez VPN konkretnie Mój serwer NAS pracuje w sieci lokalnej na stałym adresie IP z puli serwer OPENVPN działa w adresacji w kontenerze mam uruchomiony Qbittornet jako host na stałym adresie...
  12. Silas Mariusz

    Safety How to correctly use VPN tunnel with rtorrent-Pro?

    Open QTS Managment Panel and go into App Center Install QVPN2 service Once QVPN2 service was installed please follow official QNAP guide about QVPN2 How to set up and use QVPN 2.0 ? In final step you have to add VPN Client profiles: In the next step open rtorrent-Pro settings and...
  13. attractiveweekly

    Help U torrent is not seeding while using PureVPN

    I recently bought Purevpn from Halloween deals and since I am a newbie here I don't know how to get this thing work with my device and with utorrent. Can you guys please help me? Firmware version: 4.2.6 Build 20190921 Model name: QNAP TS-809 Pro
  14. Silas Mariusz

    Recommended VPN service for Torrent Downloads

    (Review rate Multiple connection profiles - all are available for Rtorrent-Pro. Windscribe is recommended by: Rtorrent-Pro compatible with QNAP's QVPN2 app ... and more! Summary This really works!
  15. SDEN

    Help Add private torrent search site

    Is there a tutorial on howto add a private torrent site in ruttorrent as search engine? Firmware version: Build 2019/04/25 Model name: QNAP TS-453-Pro
  16. F1le

    Help Added torrent in wrong path

    Ok so I added torrent and select path to be downloaded, and by mistake I added a latter probably (don't even know) and automatically rtorrent went down. How to clear it up?
  17. Ster

    Help Niskie prędkości torrent i speedtest

    Cześć, wczoraj zmieniłem neta z 50/5 na 300/20. Od zmiany mam problemy z prędkościami na QNAPie, mianowicie upload jest w miarę ok, ale download dochodzi do max 150 Mbps. Na innych sprzętach jest ok. Qnap podpięty jest do routera dwiema sieciówkami, prędkość to 2x1 Gigabit, spięte w balance-tlb...
  18. Silas Mariusz

    Safety Torrent privacy - VPN support

    Torrenting can be a dangerous activity. You’re always at risk of getting into trouble with copyright censors, not to mention hackers and viruses. That is, unless you use a VPN. A VPN secures and protect your torrenting activity and connection, hiding your IP address and preventing other users...
  19. V

    Help Problem: doesn't have menu to download torrent file

    Hello Admin I have some problem when I installed on my qanp sometime, I can not find "add torrent menu" of rtorrent pro, sometime I found menu but failed when added. I'm not sure about my problem, Could you help check my problem? Firmware version: Build 20181114 Model name: QNAP TS-251+
  20. Silas Mariusz

    Mobile Phone rtorrent-Pro - Android Mobile/Tablet notifications & management client

    rtorrent-Pro Android Client (Smartphone) Mobile Phone/Tablet [Difficulty] - (Skill requirement) LOW [Description] Transdroid/Transdrone is an application for Android devices that allows you to connect to and interact with your rtorrent-Pro on your QNAP NAS server. It allows you to monitor...